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Andrew’s Philosophy

Hi, I’m Andrew Morten, the founder of TravelEssence. I was born in New Zealand and have been at the forefront of unique travel through Australia and New Zealand for almost 30 years.

TravelEssence gives you the chance to experience the Down Under I fell in love with as a wide-eyed and free-spirited child- natural, beautiful, relaxed, rich in stories and steeped in cultures new and fascinating. Landscapes with indescribable magic. Oceans still blue and clear. Creatures weird and wonderful. And trees older than London.

"As a child, I spent much of my childhood in the bush, on the sea or hiking in the mountains"

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In school, I sat enthralled in the legends that my teacher Mr Maihi would tell us about the dawn of New Zealand according to his Maori ancestors. As I walked through the bush or sailed along the coast, I would view the world around me as if I was one of the people in those Maori legends, pulling the North Island up out of the sea or dragging my canoe through the forests to the central lakes. It brought the landscapes to life and still does today.

In my youth, I also travelled a lot in Australia as many of my close family lived there. The Aboriginals have a bond with their land like the Maori have with theirs. Through the years I have been able to get small but frequent glimpses of the Australian landscape through their eyes. This made me more curious about their connection to their land and their history.

"People. Talking. Stories. New insights. It’s a big part of what I think travel is."

Far more than just what one sees, a connection to a land's people is to me what brings that land to life. Those conversations where all of a sudden something becomes clear. A new insight. A moment to reflect and reconsider. This is why we focus on small scale places to stay so that you can hear the local stories, see how the locals live in their place, and maybe hear something new and insightful.

Andrew Morten has a background in Environmental Management.

"Travel, it’s supposed to be enlightening and enchanting, beautiful and magical. It’s why we do things the way we do them, a focus on people so that your journey Down Under is far far more than just what you see."

But it’s also about care and hospitality. Not only are you on the far side of the world, but you may also be somewhere remote. A strange place in a faraway land. Wonderful and beautiful, but far removed. But you feel oddly at home because of the way you are welcomed and cared for, shared with and shown around. You feel at peace. Relaxed yet excited.

If you would like to experience a version of Down Under quite unlike what you will find anywhere else, then please give us a call to discuss your travel wishes.

Andrew Morten, Founder

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