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How long do you need to visit Australia?

Travel Australia at a relaxed pace and see the country through the eyes of the locals. We recommend spending a minimum of two to three nights at each place. By doing this, you can really experience and get to know each location. Instead of blasting past all of the ‘highlights’ and returning home exhausted.

Each place is unique with its own charm and characteristics. Discover the local treasures. Meet the locals and explore the corners away from the mainstream. Take your time and absorb the culture and lifestyle of the Aussies. How long do you need in Australia? Well, how much time do you have? And what would you like to see and do?

How much time do you have?

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At a relaxed pace, explore Australia for longer. Three to five weeks gives you the opportunity to stay in each location for two to five nights. No rush. No pressure. Easy journeys from location to location. Truly absorbing the country and soaking up the ‘no worries’ Aussie mentality.

Due to the size of Australia, to save time driving, we recommend flying within the country. Which means you will be able to experience more of the diversity of Australia. See more of Australia's unique landscapes. And in the amount of time that you have, you can choose to take a domestic flight (or more).

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"If you are planning to visit Australia, please keep in mind the grand size of the country - it's twice the size of Europe."

Nicole, Travel specialist

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