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Together with family, go on an authentic Indigenous experience led by passionate Aboriginal guides

The Indigenous guides live in the countryside, know their land and care for it. You'll visit ancient archaeological sites, spectacular coastal areas, lands once home to giant mammals and get to know the Aboriginal community. This will give you a different perspective on famous regions such as Clare Valley, Burra and Innes National Park.

You and your family will go on tour for two days with your own guide. The first day, you can choose between a visit to Innes National Park or the East Coast and Aboriginal Community Lands. On the second day, you will be driven in a 4WD from Adelaide to the Red Banks Conservation Park.

This was one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Australia. And the ancient landscape was once walked by giant marsupials, these fossils can be seen in the historic mining town of Burra. The tour ends in the town of Clare, where you will visit the house of John Horrocks (one of the area's first British settlers).

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