Aus blog - Six highlights of Western Australia

6 highlights of Western Australia

Western Australia is so immense and diverse that we can hardly imagine it. To give you a small indication: Western Australia has no less than four different climate zones. Therefore, many travel blogs will leave you dizzy with information and possibilities, but we would prefer to give you some insider local tips.


In the northern part of Western Australia, lies the Kimberley. An unspoilt nature reserve that is home to several natural attractions. For example, the famous Bungle Bungle Ranges cover a large part of the Purnululu National Park. These sandstone formations look like beehives and are millions of years old. Also, you will find the Windjana Gorge National Park, Tunnel Creek National Park and the King Leopold Ranges. There are plenty of places to be amazed by the beautiful creations of Mother Nature. In the Kimberley, you will also be introduced to an ancient culture.

A 4WD nature tour discovering Broome and the Kimberleys
Get "off the grid" and discover Western Australia
Learn about the oldest culture in the world with a local guide

Between the coastal town of Broome and the town of Derby, you will find a wilderness camp

It is located on the land of the Nyikina Aborigines, near the Fitzroy River. Here, lives Neville, an Aboriginal who manages the land on behalf of his people and keeps an eye on things. Together with his wife and two children, Neville welcomes travellers from all over the world. Visitors are welcomed with open arms ( feeling like family). Here, you will learn about Aboriginal culture. Experience local traditions such as catching, preparing and cooking your own fish. You will sleep in comfortable safari tents, but not before enjoying fresh fish for dinner!

Enjoy the spectacular colours of Roebuck Bay in Broome
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Days by the beach

Beach lovers can indulge themselves during their holiday in Esperance, located on the south coast of Western Australia. Here, you can go fishing, diving, sailing, or simply be lazy by the beach. You can also explore the coastline onboard a real 4WD. This tour takes you approximately 50 kilometres, past Cape Le Grand and Lucky Bay. The beaches here are so beautiful that even the kangaroos stop their grass-grazing life to sunbathe on the white sand.

If you think you have seen everything now, then you are wrong. Esperance also houses the famous Lake Hillier. This salt lake is located on an island and is bright pink in colour. Nobody knows where exactly that delicious strawberry colour comes from. In any case, the water is not drinkable. Lake Hillier is best visited from the air during a scenic flight.

Secluded Bay Esperance | Australia holiday
Soak up the beach vibes at Lucky Bay

Fine as wine

Are you overwhelmed by all those Orcas? Then, you can relax in Margaret River. This place is known for its viticulture and breweries. Margaret River is also the name of the river that flows through the town. A local named Sean Blocksidge makes good use of this waterway.

Sean organizes personal tours, tasting delicious wines. First, you will take a small canoe trip, after which you will have lunch at one of the best wineries in the region. You will have a tour through the vineyard and you can wander between the barrels of maturing wine.

A little further is Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. Here, you won’t find vineyards but instead, caves. The most famous is called the Mammoth Cove, an imposing cave 500 metres long and 30-metres high. You can maybe understand why this colossus attracts quite a few tourists!

Those who prefer to avoid this will go out with Josh Witheland. Together, you will visit Ngilgi Cave where Josh tells you stories about his ancestors, the Wadani Aboriginals. He will also teach you which plants have a medicinal effect, where you can best find food and how to make a fire with the use of two sticks. This is handy when you’re camping and something to brag about with friends!

Margaret River | Australia holiday
Sleep between the vines
Be mesmerised by endless captivating views
Aus Waterlilies in Kakadu Darwin NT

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Free Willy

As well as lounging kangaroos, you can also spot Orcas in Western Australia. Bremer Bay is almost the only place on the continent where this is possible. The curious giants like to say hello when you sail through the bay in a boat. You may also see them hunting innocent prey, which immediately explains why Orcas are called ‘Killer Whales’.

Spot Orcas in Western Australia

Enjoy sustainably

No pool in the world outweighs the natural pools of Karijini National Park. This park is located in the Pilbara region and is breathtaking in one word (that is not often said in the travel industry). In the middle of the park is an eco-retreat. Sustainable accommodation where guests can stay in luxurious eco tents, complete with a bathroom and a private veranda.

Karijini National Park | Australia landscape
Swim in natural pools at Karijini National Park
Sleep under a sky full of stars

A sunny city

A little bit about Perth, the capital of Western Australia. You will not be bored for a moment in this bustling metropolis. The city has approximately 19 different beaches and many more restaurants, shops, cafes and museums. But if you have some extra time, you should definitely take the ferry to Rottnest Island. You can get acquainted with the quokkas on this car-free island. These little wallabies are not shy of cameras and like to pose - while grinning - for a photo.

Stay at one of Perth's elegant hotels
Explore Western Australia's rich flora and fauna | Australia nature holiday
Spend a day at Rottnest Island

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