Nz paparoa national park tube river group friends see and do adventurous
Nz paparoa national park nile train nature friends see and do adventurous

Go rafting in the Paparoa National Park together with your friends

Be guided through the untamed natural wilderness of the Paparoa National Park and the Nile River Cave System. Geoff and Ray, two cavers and educationalists, established this adventure company in 1987. Through their own experiences, they have created this tour so that you can enjoy the wilderness to the fullest.

Your experienced guide will provide you with all the necessary safety equipment. Hop on board the Nile River Rainforest Train and travel through the stunning west coast rainforest with towering limestone cliffs as your backdrop.

Venture through native bush to the cave entrance and descend into the underground world with your tube. Let the flickering glowworms guide you! Finish your adventure cruising down the Nile River and enjoy the views. Your guide will take photographs throughout the day.

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