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New Zealand is glorious all year round. It’s a country that doesn’t only need sunny, summer days to make it look good. In fact, each season allows you to see New Zealand in a different light, from a different viewpoint.

In general, the shoulder seasons (spring and autumn) are a great time to visit as a solo traveller. Spring brings baby lambs and the first dip in the sea. The summer warmth still lingers in autumn, for a perfect day hiking or kayaking. These months are easier on your budget, so you can focus less on paying for costly accommodation and more on investing in experiences that will make for a fulfilling journey. They are also less busy, so you can still get in the occasional group activity while not sacrificing your peace and quiet.

The glorious seasons of New Zealand

September to November - Spring means alpine flowers, baby lambs and the first swims in the sea in the north. Average daytime temperature: 18 °C. Shoulder season.

December to February - The long, sunny days of summer make it the busiest period in New Zealand with both locals and visitors. Average daytime temperature: 23 °C. High season.

March to May - Enjoy fewer crowds, mild temperatures and warm autumn colours in full bloom. Average daytime temperature: 19 °C. Shoulder season.

June to August - Spend your days up the mountain. Winter is a great time for skiers and snowboarders. Average daytime temperature: 14 °C. Low season aside from the ski areas.

Watch out for the sun.

Because New Zealand is in the middle of the ocean, the temperatures usually remain pleasant. But don't let that fool you. The New Zealand sun is hot and, out of the wind, you will feel it burn. Please wear a hat and sunscreen.

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Spring - September to November

Be welcomed by bright, blooming flowers and trees, newly born animals and lush rolling hills. We highly recommend travelling in spring with fewer crowds, moderate temperatures and better rates. Spring is full of surprises. The magnificent waterfalls of New Zealand come to life and it’s the perfect time to visit the vineyards too.

Join the locals and visit the Matakana Village Farmers Market
Join the locals and visit the Matakana Village Farmers Market
Be amazed by nature and wildlife on the Otago Peninsula
Be amazed by nature and wildlife on the Otago Peninsula

Summer - December to February

New Zealanders are generally active and love to spend time outdoors during the sunny summer months. Especially around the water, at lakes and on the beach, and exploring national parks. Most locals take their holidays over the Christmas and New Years period, and with a high amount of international visitors, this is the busiest period in New Zealand.

Picturesque views on Banks Peninsula | New Zealand holiday
Drive 1 hour east of Christchurch to the picturesque Banks Peninsula
Hike the Routeburn Track with a local guide
Hike the Routeburn Track with a local guide

Autumn - March to May

Autumn is the perfect time to visit New Zealand. With the summer warmth still lingering, the moderate and pleasurable temperatures are great for exploring. Go hiking, kayaking or visit national parks with less crowds. By May, the evenings will be a little more chilly so don’t forget to pack warmer clothing!

"April is the best time to see the leaves changing and all the vineyards in full bloom. Be sure to try one of New Zealand's many amazing wines!"

Ben, Travel specialist
Hike the Tongariro Alpine Crossing
Tongariro Alpine Crossing is one of the best one-day hikes in the world
Enjoy views of snow-capped mountains while travelling in winter
Enjoy staying amongst pristine nature

Winter - June to August

Visitors from around the globe come to experience New Zealand’s mountains. Winter Olympians often spend their off-season enjoying New Zealand winters. If you love snowsports and enjoy fewer tourists, then winter is a great time to visit. Cardrona, The Remarkables, and Treble Cone are some of our favourite ski fields.

We would love to meet you and discuss the best travel time. Contact us to make an appointment at our office or from the comfort of your home.

Swing bridge with a view | New Zealand holiday
Follow the swing bridge to discover more of Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park
Scenic flight | New Zealand holiday
Capture a bird's eye view during a scenic flight

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