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How long do I need to visit New Zealand?

New Zealanders are generally laid-back and relaxed, and we believe this exact mentality should be adapted to your holiday. Drive a few hours from one accommodation to the next. Easy journey’s through beautiful scenery. No rush. No pressure. To inspire you for your journey DownUnder, we have created a few example routes for solo travellers.

How much time do you have?

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Take it easy on your journey through New Zealand. We believe less is more when it comes to travel pace. Stay at places for two to three nights instead of speeding through the highlights. If you have two to three weeks, we recommend travelling either the North or South Island. Or making a selection of a few regions per island.

You won’t need to travel long distances to see big changes. Get to know the locals and discover the hidden gems. Travelling at a relaxed pace allows you to see more unique places.

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"I would recommend spending around 3-5 weeks in New Zealand. I advise you to take your time to really experience each place."

Kieran, Travel specialist

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