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Here is some inspiration for your tailor-made journey to discover New Zealand’s hidden gems, far away from the crowds. Stay in unique accommodation in spectacular locations. To fine-tune one of these ideas or start with a totally blank canvas, then please contact us.

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4 weeks from Queenstown to Christchurch

New Zealand, a world of wonder. This trip is ideal for a family holiday to connect with New Zealand's nature.… read more

Explore the untamed wilderness of New Zealand

3 weeks from Otago Peninsula to Auckland South

Starting in the deep south, where accents are thick, and the landscape is vast. Dunedin, Otago Peninsula and the… read more

Are you searching for an action-packed family holiday in New Zealand? Then this trip is perfect for you. This… read more

"The Whanganui River is a place in New Zealand, where you can escape modern life and experience a unique and natural environment."

Local hosts, Jane and Kelly

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