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How long do you need to visit New Zealand?

New Zealand is a natural wonderland, bursting with cultural experiences. An ideal destination for a family holiday. A holiday with a relaxed pace and plenty of space. Exploring the great outdoors and discovering unique wildlife. To inspire you for your journey Down Under, we have created a few example routes for families.

How much time do you have?

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Take your time, enjoy fewer travel days and see more fascinating sights. In three to five weeks, you can visit both the North and South Island. We highly recommend a relaxed travel schedule, so you will still need to make choices of which regions to visit.

Our travel specialists can help you decide, depending on your family's interests. Staying at each location for two to five nights, and exploring all the hidden gems of the region. We have plenty of local tips to share.

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Get 'off the beaten' track together with your family

4 weeks from Queenstown to Christchurch

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"Six weeks is a good amount of time to explore New Zealand. At a leisurely pace, you can experience the country, like a local."

Ilona, Travel specialist

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