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How long do you need to visit New Zealand?

New Zealand is a natural wonderland, bursting with cultural experiences. An ideal destination for a family holiday. A holiday with a relaxed pace and plenty of space. Exploring the great outdoors and discovering unique wildlife. To inspire you for your journey Down Under, we have created a few example routes for families.

How much time do you have?

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If you are lucky enough to have five or more weeks in New Zealand, you can travel the length of the country. The children will appreciate the relaxed travel schedule, spending less time in the car and visiting extraordinary locations.

New Zealand is a small country, so you won’t have to spend hours travelling to see big changes. Staying in unique small-scale accommodations with genuine Kiwi hospitality for two to five nights. Quality time in nature’s open-air playground.

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"I would advise you to take your time in New Zealand and if you want to see both islands, I would recommend at least 6 weeks."

Simone, Travel specialist

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