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How long do you need to visit New Zealand?

Are you wondering how long you need to travel New Zealand? There are multiple answers to this question. How much time do you and your friends have? New Zealand is full of spectacular landscapes and you can travel for months unlocking the hidden gems. Travelling at a relaxed pace is the only way to travel, well that's what we believe.

How much time do you have?

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Chill-out in New Zealand. Snow-capped mountains. Deserted golden sand beaches. And luscious rainforests are waiting for you. Travelling for five or more weeks gives you the chance to slip into the laidback lifestyle of New Zealand, staying at each location for longer and getting to know the locals.

You can comfortably visit the North and South Island, and even Stewart Island if that’s on your bucket list. We recommend staying at each place for two to four nights.

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"I would advise you to take your time in New Zealand and if you want to see both islands, I would recommend at least 6 weeks."

Simone, Travel specialist

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