Nz otago peninsula penguin spotting people solo see and do easy going
Nz otago peninsula penguin beach spotting solo see and do easy going
Nz otago peninsula fur seal spotting solo see and do easy going
Nz otago peninsula bird spotting solo see and do easy going

Be amazed by wildlife on the Otago Peninsula

Are you a wildlife enthusiast? Be amazed by the variety of wildlife and rugged beauty of the Otago Peninsula conservation area. From dolphins, whales and albatross to penguins, sea lions and fur seals. This unique, eco-friendly experience is full of surprises.

Start your wildlife experience with a cruise across Otago Harbour and be introduced to the wildlife at Taiaroa Head. You may even spot dolphins and whales cruising through the waters. Your experienced guide will share their in-depth knowledge of the region and its wildlife.

Visit the Royal Albatross Centre and witness up to 30 different species of estuarine and marine birds. Before crossing farm fields to an observation point. Watch yellow-eyed penguins emerge from the sea and you may have the chance to see a breeding colony of fur seals.

Wildlife conservation is at the heart of this organisation. Their main focus is on protecting the yellow-eyed penguin, with approximately only 5000 remaining in the world. Projects include extensive habitat planning, construction of nest sites, and pest control.

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