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Classic Aussie Sayings

Australians are world-renowned for their ‘lingo’ - way of speaking. Shortening their words is one of the first things you may notice when visiting this massive country. You must have already heard the all-time favourite, G’day. Which is short for, good day. And of course, barbie, which is short for barbecue. But what are some other classic Aussie sayings and phrases? And what do they mean?

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"G'day mate, how's it goin?"

We have ‘had a gander’ - Which means ‘had a look.’ And found some of our favourite classic Aussie sayings and phrases.

Dunny roll - Toilet paper

You don’t need to be a long neck to be a goose - You don’t need to look stupid to be stupid

Couldn’t give a toss - I don’t care

Smoko - An informal lunch break taken at work

She’ll be right - Everything will be okay!

Useless as a chocolate teapot - It is totally useless

He’s going off like a frog in a sock - That person is going crazy

Dog’s breakfast - A big mess

A coldie - A beer

Bottle-o - Liquor store

Drink with the flies - To drink alone

Drongo - Silly person

Gobsmacked - astounded/ surprised

Good on ya - Good work

Every Tom, Dick and Harry - Everyone/ All the people

Fairdinkum - An expression to say something is good and/or genuine

Spend like a sailor on leave - To spend an extravagant amount of money

Chuck a wobbly - To throw a tantrum

Bob’s your uncle - You’re all set

A lot of HOO-HA - A discussion that is not important

They’re all pelicans - Often referring to the opposing (sports) team

Bogan - Someone generally of a lower social status

Larrikin - Someone who is always up for a laugh

So, let’s try to speak Aussie. Here is our attempt:-

Fairdinkum, Australians love a coldie! Every Tom, Dick and Harry went to the bottle-o and spent like a sailor on leave. Would a drongo chuck a wobbly or drink with the flies? Is this blog really a lot of HOO-HA? Or are you a larrikin?

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Here are a couple more to help expand your Aussie vocabulary!

Strewth - An expression of surprise

True Blue - Genuinely Australian

Tea time - Dinner time

Youse - A plural of you

Whoop whoop - In the middle of nowhere

Tucker - Food

Straya - Australia

Swag - A bed you can roll up and sleep in, almost like a sleeping bag but upgraded

Snag - Sausage

Rello(s) - Relative(s)

Cobber - A good friend

Now, let’s see what you can come up with. Or do you have some other Aussie sayings or phrases to add to our collection?

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