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"I really had an amazing trip"
Diana in Australia

I lived in Australia for the first eight years of my life. My parents joined the great post-war emigration in 1960… read more

When we started preparing for our trip, we gathered information from several travel agencies and were given a lot… read more

Travel experiences

Marty in Australia

The first time I heard about TravelEssence was on the radio. The founder, Andrew, spoke in an ad, and he drew my… read more

A dream that became a reality. One country with so much diversity. From fascinating and bustling cities to the… read more

My best friend and I had the plan in 2017 to travel to Australia. And because of that, we attended a presentation… read more

Dear TravelEssence, We have just arrived home after a really wonderful trip to New Zealand! There were so many… read more

Travel experiences

Anita in New Zealand

I have been home for almost a week from my trip to New Zealand. I spent three weeks touring the North Island, a… read more