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Stopover blog - AUS #5
Singapore airline plane 1
Cook Islands Aitutaki Lagoon Resort bungalows
Daniam chou JD4 P2rf Akvc unsplash
Stopover blog - AUS #5
Singapore airline plane 1
Cook Islands Aitutaki Lagoon Resort bungalows
Take a break. Enjoy a stopover

Stopovers: From the UK to Australia

A stopover presents a unique opportunity to explore, discover, and create unforgettable memories. So why not extend your journey and transform your travel experience from merely a trip to an adventure of a lifetime?

For those embarking on the long-haul journey from the UK to Australia with TravelEssence, stopovers offer a chance to add even more excitement, variety, and cultural immersion to your trip.

Plus, it's the perfect opportunity to break your travel time - rather than making your journey in one go.

But what is a stopover?

A stopover, in essence, is a planned layover in a destination along the route to your final destination. It's an opportunity to break up your journey, explore a new city, and make the most of your travel experience.

Break up your flight with a stopover and stay at a five-star hotel

What are the best stopover destinations?

There are many destinations that make great stopovers as you make your way from the UK to Australia. The ideal one? Well, this depends on your preferences and requirements.

When you reach out to us to help you plan your holiday Down Under - we will find out what the perfect holiday looks like for you. With this information in hand, we will tailor-make your ideal holiday itinerary - including a stopover destination - that ticks all your boxes - and more!

If you're up for some excitement, why not ignite your senses in Singapore or Hong Kong? Or perhaps indulging in luxury shopping and desert safaris in Dubai is what you are looking for?

While Singapore beckons with its pristine gardens, futuristic architecture, and vibrant street markets, it may well be that the serene beauty of the Cook Islands and Fiji, promising relaxation and rejuvenation amidst turquoise waters, is the perfect way to start your holiday.

Reach out to us, and let's create your ideal holiday itinerary together.

Stopover destinations

How do stopovers work?

A stopover can be booked either at the start of your holiday, at the end, or even both. This really is down to your own personal preference and requirements.

Here at TravelEssence, we suggest staying for two or three nights before continuing your journey, but if you're keen to linger longer, that is absolutely fine too - travelling at a slow pace and fully immersing in the destination is exactly the type of holiday we promote.

So, why settle for a regular journey when you can add a touch of excitement with a stopover? Contact us for advice on the best stopover locations for you - together we can make sure you have the holiday of a lifetime.

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Would you like more information about stopovers to Australia?

Experience comfortable flight times, connections, and a relaxing stopover. As Australian and New Zealand specialists, we work with leading airlines and can arrange flights that suit your wants and needs.

How can we help you?

The TravelEssence guarantee:

  • Explore beyond the typical tourist destinations with a tailor-made holiday that is made just for you.
  • Engage and immerse with your welcoming local hosts and gain a deeper understanding of different customs.
  • Discover unique small-scale accommodations and activities.
  • Once in a lifetime kind of experience.
  • Rest assured with a 24/7 network of support for the duration of your holiday should you need us.
  • Speak to a travel expert when convenient for you - our team is available every day until 9 pm at our London office or online.
  • Complete peace of mind as we are full members of ATOL and ABTA.

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At TravelEssence, we specialise in crafting custom-made holidays that take you off the beaten path and create memories to last a lifetime. We believe in connecting with the heart and soul of a place, introducing you to the locals who call it home. Engage in conversations with fascinating individuals who will share their stories, traditions, and way of life, leaving an indelible mark on your journey.