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Stopover in Bangkok

Bangkok is a perfect stopover on your way to Australia or New Zealand and one where you can experience one of the true highlights of Southeast Asia. Here, countless Buddhist temples, palaces, modern shopping centres and traditional markets await you.

A stopover in the capital of Thailand is far more than just a way to break up a long flight Down Under. Around ten million people inhabit the modern and sophisticated city, which offers visitors every cosmopolitan amenity. Bangkok is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River and is home to many unique cultural attractions.

Explore the Thai metropolis by boat, with the modern Skytrain or the classic way with the tuk-tuk. Bangkok also has no shortage of activities, whether it's a museum, zoo, entertainment or a massage to relax. Below you will find all the information and tips to ensure that your stopover in Thailand's vibrant capital city will be one to remember.

Take a ride in one of the many traditional tuk-tuks ...
© Hanny Naibaho / Unsplash
... or a boat trip on the beautiful Chao Phraya
© Tuan Nguyen / Unsplash

Best travel time

  • November to April is ideal for a stopover in Thailand, as this is the country's driest season.
  • In comparison, the months of November to February are the most pleasant in terms of temperature.
  • In March and April, the temperatures can reach 35° Celsius.
  • The rainy season is from June to September and this usually brings short but heavy rain showers, then the numerous shopping centres, cafés and spas offer shelter until the next rays of sunshine.
A tuk-tuk ride is a great way to see the city
Modern and ancient exist side by side in Bangkok

Flights and arrival

Your holiday already starts on the plane: relax on your stopover flight with Thai Airways. The airline will take you safely and comfortably to your destination - no matter in which class.

Bangkok is served by two international airports: Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and Don Muang Airport (DMK). Suvarnabhumi Airport is the main airport with the most international flights, so most tourists travelling to Bangkok are likely to enter via Suvarnabhumi. From the airport, you then have numerous options for a transfer to the capital.

For more information on airlines and flights, click here.

Sunset over the Chao Phraya River
Be sure to visit the famous floating market

Hotels and getting around

An incredible variety of hotels and accommodations can be found in Bangkok: from modern five-star hotels to wonderful resorts that invite you to relax, to traditional hotels with historical significance and simple guesthouses. Every stopover becomes an experience and lets you arrive refreshed at your final destination.

Bangkok has a very good public transport system, despite the general city traffic being a little chaotic. There is the Skytrain and the underground, which connect the main business and shopping districts in Greater Bangkok. The best way to explore the sights along the Chao Phraya River is by river taxi or express boat.

You should also not miss a ride on the traditional tuk-tuk during your Bangkok stopover. Of course, you can also use the normal yet more comfortable taxis as a means of transport and watch the hustle and bustle of the capital as you travel.

Bangkok has a dazzling selection of hotels
The city streets are busy day and night

Temples and skyscrapers

Thailand is rich in culture and tradition, which is reflected in arts and crafts, unique building styles and customs. Above all, the numerous temples are a landmark of Thailand and particularly interesting both architecturally and culturally.

The Grand Palace from the 18th century is probably one of the most important buildings. Until 1925, it served as the official residence of Thailand's royal family. Today, the King resides in Dusit Palace, but the Grand Palace is still used for official events and state celebrations.

It is a large complex with several ornate buildings, pavilions, courtyards and perfectly kept gardens. One of the most important structures in the Grand Palace is Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. It houses an impressive green emerald Buddha statue and is considered the holiest Buddhist temple in Thailand.

South of the great palace is Wat Pho, also called the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. It houses almost 400 gilded Buddha images. Most impressive, however, is its namesake giant reclining Buddha, 15 metres high and 46 metres long.

Along with Wat Arun, Wat Pho is one of six temples considered to be the highest tier of royal temples in Thailand. Other impressive temples to visit on your trip are Wat Saket with its huge golden roof and Wat Suthat Thepwararam, with its 21-metre-high red gate.

There are over 400 Buddhist temples in Bangkok
© Alejandro Cartagena / Unsplash
Bangkok is a city of contrasts with stunning modern skyscrapers
© Joshua Rawson Harris Jiku / Unsplash
Aus Waterlilies in Kakadu Darwin NT

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Shopping and eating out

Bangkok is a true paradise for shopping and food lovers. The Thai city offers numerous shopping malls, markets and bazaars. Try Pad Thai in a restaurant or Guay Teow (noodle soup) from a street stall.

Bangkok is synonymous with street food. No matter where you look, no matter what time of day: something delicious seems to be waiting for you on every corner. The great thing about it: Western and Far Eastern influences create a particularly varied offer.

One of the best areas to try out is the area around Yaowarat Road in Chinatown. Here you will find some of the best and most famous street food stalls in Bangkok. Of course, you can also find international cuisine in the city's many restaurants.

Besides the food on hand, Bangkok is also famous for its markets. From food markets to weekend markets to floating markets and night markets, there seems to be a market for every taste in this city. Visiting one of these markets is an absolute must on your trip, as this is also where the local's shop. Our favourites include Chatuchak Weekend Market, Or Tor Kor Market and Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market.

Bangkok is a paradise for people who like to sample varied street food
© Lisheng Chang / Unsplash
A visit to a traditional market is a must on your stopover
© Lisheng Chang / Unsplash

Boat tours, islands and activities

Take a boat tour on the Chao Phraya River. It cuts through the city centre and serves as a means of transport for thousands of commuters every day. For tourists, the Chao Phraya is a great way to visit some of Bangkok's most popular sights such as Wat Arun, Wat Pho and the Grand Palace and relax on the ride.

If you are looking for nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you should visit Bang Kachao, a man-made island created by a bend in the Chao Phraya River. Bangkok's 'green lung' consists of mangrove forests, palm trees and jungle. It is a peaceful area with no skyscrapers, just rustic wooden houses and elevated walkways over canals, best explored by bicycle. A true oasis.

Other popular activities in Bangkok include attending a Muay Thai kickboxing match at Lumpinee or Rajadamnern Stadium, touring the city's vibrant bar scene and visiting a spa to enjoy a traditional Thai massage.

Take a boat tour on the Chao Phraya River
Visiting the Grand Palace is a must when in Bangkok

Entry requirements

Details and information on the current regulations for a trip to Bangkok can be found here.

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