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TravelEssence specialises in creating personalised, tailor-made holidays that ensure an authentic and unforgettable experience in Australia and New Zealand. Explore beyond the typical tourist destinations and fully engage with the welcoming local communities. Discover unique small-scale accommodations and gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and customs, all thanks to the kindness of our friendly hosts.

Since 2006, TravelEssence has been crafting tailor-made holidays for Australia and New Zealand. Let us take you on an adventure custom-made just for you!

Your dream holiday crafted to match your interests

At TravelEssence, we're all about making your trip perfect, just for you. When you reach out to us, our friendly experts will chat with you to understand what you want from your holiday. We think your holiday should be unique, so we create a special itinerary just for you. We carefully plan your journey, including all the must-see places, hidden gems off the beaten path, and local experiences that will make your trip unforgettable. We work with trusted partners to get you the best places to stay, smooth transportation, and local guides who know their stuff. We take care of every detail of your holiday, from flights and hotels to tours and activities, so you can relax and enjoy Australia and New Zealand without worries, knowing we've got it all covered.

"When I started TravelEssence, it was because I wanted people to experience travel Down Under as us locals love it."

Andrew Morten, Founder, New Zealander

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There is a difference between the mainstream and the carefully sought out; between local gems and tourist traps. Discover it for yourself on a virtual journey Down Under, guided by a specialist who travels there often.