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AUS - couples - whale shark
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Au fishing discoverpage detailed culture history
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Unique activities

Top things to do in Australia

Adventure awaits you in Australia. Get the most out of your journey and experience our unique small-scale activities. Let the locals introduce you to their fascinating culture, identity and powerful landscape. Encounter native wildlife and hike into ancient rainforests. Explore the Outback on a multi-day excursion and embrace the oldest living culture in the world.

Authentic local experiences

We have carefully selected small-scale, locally owned and environmentally-friendly activities. A range of unique experiences that showcase the best of Australia. We can assist you in selecting activities that match your interests.

Blue mountains kangaroo | Australia holiday
Say G'day to Australia's unique wildlife

7 must-do activities in Australia

1. Encounter unique wildlife

Be entertained by Australia’s unique wildlife. With some of the world's most weird and wonderful animals, you can experience something new every day. Swim with magnificent humpback whales in the Pacific Ocean or whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef. Have close encounters with koalas and kangaroo on Kangaroo Island or spot a peculiar Tasmanian devil on the island of Tasmania.

Keep an eye out for koalas in the gum trees
Have a close encounter with an echidna

See crocodiles in their natural habitat in The Kimberley or Kakadu National Park and spot turtles at Eco Beach in Broome. Go jungle surfing in Daintree Rainforest - the World’s oldest tropical rainforest and spot a variety of colourful birdlife.

"I love to have close encounters with wildlife, either organised with a local guide or by myself. It always fascinates me!"

Nicole, Travel specialist
Crocodile in Daintree | Australia wildlife
Go croc spotting with a local guide
Cassowary| Australia
Keep an eye out for the elusive Cassowary
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2. Discover the Outback

A trip to Australia isn’t quite complete without a visit to the Outback. Embrace the feeling of complete freedom as you discover the heart and soul of Australia. Be captivated by Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kata Tjuta (the Olga’s) and Kings Canyon. From incredible rock formations, red desert, and deep gorges to waterfalls, swimming holes and untouched wilderness.

Sleep in a swag under the night sky, witness magical sunsets and connect with the Aboriginal culture. Our multi-day adventures are unique and “off the beaten” track. Whether you prefer to have a private guide, join a small group or explore in your own 4WD - we have a range of options to suit your wishes.

Go on a safari and discover timeless landscapes
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Kakadu National Park | Australia holiday
Discover the mysteries of the Top End

3. Uncover Australia’s dynamic cities

Australia is a large, extremely diverse country with a rich culture and history. It has it all - ancient rainforests, red deserts, towering mountains, golden beaches, tropical islands and coral reefs. But, you can’t forget the dynamic cities and in particular Sydney and Melbourne.

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, discover Sydney by bike and uncover the hidden gems and culinary delights. Walk the coastal trail from Bondi to Coogee. Be introduced to Melbourne’s cafe culture or join a cycle tour and see the city through the eyes of a local.

"I spent a week in Melbourne and it ended up becoming one of my favourite cities in the world. It has so many great places to eat, alleys filled with amazing street art, lots of live music and some of the best coffee I've ever had."

Ben, Travel specialist
Street art Melbourne | Australia holiday
Discover Melbourne's neighbourhoods with a local guide
Do you dare to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

4. Meet the locals

Immerse yourself in the world’s oldest living culture. Aboriginal peoples of Australia know their surroundings like no other. They have a special connection with the land and its flora and fauna. Listen to their stories and language, learn their traditions through dance, song and different ways of preparing food.

Join a local Aboriginal guide and explore the Red Centre, Daintree National Park, New South Wales or Kakadu National Park. We have a range of authentic multi-day cultural experiences.

Australian | Australia holiday
Our local guides love to show you around their country
Cultural Kakadu tour | Australia holiday
Learn about oldest culture in the world from our Indigenous guide
Join a local Aboriginal guide and explore Australia's hidden gems
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5. Explore over 25,000 kilometres of coastline

With over 25,000 kilometres of coastline and more than 10,000 beaches, Australia is home to world-class water activities. Discover the underwater world and go snorkelling or diving at the Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo Coastal Reserve or on the Sunshine Coast.

Kayak along Katherine River, through the Noosa Everglades or the blue waters of Tasmania. Learn to surf at the iconic Bondi Beach or Byron Bay. Set sail in the Whitsundays, around Magnetic Island or off the coast of Port Douglas.

If you visited one Australian beach every day, it would take 29 years to see them all

6. Wander amongst nature

Australia is home to thousands of national parks and nature reserves. Discover an abundance of spectacular walking and hiking trails across the country. Depending on your wishes, we have a range of options. From coastal day hikes to multi-day rainforest trails.

Conquer the Grampians Peaks, Bay of Fires, Three Capes or Sydney’s coastal walks. Wander through Australia’s endless rugged nature and along golden sand coastlines with a local guide or if you prefer, self-guided.

A 3-day hiking adventure in the Grampians
Go waterfall hopping in the Grampians
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7. Taste the best of Australia

Australians are well known for their love of a cold beer but they also have an appreciation for fine wine. Winemaking in Australia started to take off in the 1960s and you will find most of their vineyards in the south, due to the moderate climate.

Visit the oldest wine region of Australia - Barossa Valley, for some of the best Riesling in the world or cycle the vineyards of McLaren Vale. Do you love Pinot Noir and Chardonnay? Then we recommend a visit to Yarra Valley. Blend natural beauty with fine wine at Margaret River and Tasmania. Hunter Valley is also renowned for Chardonnay grapes and their wine and food festival.

Discover Yarra Valley with a local guide
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Taste local Australian cuisine

We would love to discuss with you further about all the possibilities. Our activities are far away from mainstream tourism. Small-scale experiences that connect you with the country and the locals.

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