Aus daintree river cruise view family see and do easy going
Aus daintree river cruise kids family see and do easy going
Aus daintree river cruise wallaby family see and do easy going
Aus daintree river cruise crocodile family see and do easy going

Cruise along the mysterious Daintree River with family

Enter nature’s open-air art gallery - Daintree. A mystical place where you can discover an abundance of rare fauna and flora, including witchetty grubs. This slice of paradise is home to 30% of Australia’s frog, marsupial and reptile species and 65% of bat and butterfly species.

Admire Estuarine crocodiles

Start your day by hopping on a boat and cruising the Daintree River. A place where the world’s largest crocodiles sunbathe. The tour is by a small business operated by skipper Murray, who has an abundance of knowledge to share with you. And with rotating swivel chairs on the boat, you are sure not to miss a thing!

Estuarine crocodiles are the oldest creatures to walk the planet. While other animals have evolved, crocodiles have maintained their same features for the past 200 million years. Male crocodiles can measure up to five-six metres and females up to three metres. An incredible animal to see in their natural habitat.

Spot intriguing birds which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Try to spot a Great Billed Heron in flight or a slithering Green Tree snake resting in the sun. The tour operates in a small, open and comfortable vessel so you can fully unwind and soak up this mystical place.

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