nz-north-hobbiton- inga and friends-client review
Nz-noorth- tongariro alpine crossing-friends-length header
nz Mine Bay Lake Taupo friends kayaking
Nz waitomo caves glowworms family see and do adventurous
nz-north-hobbiton- inga and friends-client review
Nz-noorth- tongariro alpine crossing-friends-length header
nz Mine Bay Lake Taupo friends kayaking
Nz waitomo caves glowworms family see and do adventurous
Discover what friendship is all about

Take the road less travelled with your friends in New Zealand

Close your eyes and picture you and your friends on an adventure in New Zealand. Are you conquering New Zealand’s 10 ‘Great Walks’? Floating above the snowy-peaks in a hot air balloon? Boarding a boat to sail through a majestic national park? Meeting with the Maori people? Exploring iconic cities like Auckland and Queenstown? Kayaking through the fjords? Spotting the elusive Kiwi bird? Doing anything your heart desires? The possibilities are limitless.

Experience the renowned Kiwi hospitality

Kia ora! Experience what this truly means when welcomed by Kiwi friendliness. Travel at a relaxed pace in one of the world's safest and most friendly countries. Be astounded by the natural beauty and rich culture of New Zealand. Enjoy great adventures, stay with local hosts at unique locations and create new stories together.

A journey as unique as you are

Your journey to New Zealand should represent you and your friends - and everything you like to do together. Because we are specialists in the art of travel, you'll experience a bespoke holiday that is significantly yours. Are you ready to travel New Zealand in a uniquely local way? Let’s put your dreams on paper.

Four people on a hike in a lush green forest
Learn about unique flora and fauna at Fiordland National Park
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The TravelEssence guarantee:

  • Explore beyond the typical tourist destinations with a tailor-made holiday that is made just for you.
  • Engage and immerse with your welcoming local hosts and gain a deeper understanding of different customs.
  • Discover unique small-scale accommodations and activities.
  • Once in a lifetime kind of experience.
  • Rest assured with a 24/7 network of support for the duration of your holiday should you need us.
  • Speak to a travel expert when convenient for you - our team is available every day until 9 pm at our London office or online.
  • Complete peace of mind as we are full members of ATOL and ABTA.

How long do we need in New Zealand?

You could spend months travelling the ever-changing landscape of New Zealand and not see the same place twice. For your holiday, the question becomes: "How long do we have?"

A great holiday comes with enough time to reset and get into a new rhythm. Rejuvenate yourself with the fresh air and reawaken your senses in pristine nature. No need to rush from highlight to highlight.

Travel at a relaxed pace

To venture deep into the depths of New Zealand and unravel the authentic Kiwi lifestyle, we recommend travelling at a relaxed pace for a minimum of six weeks. If you have slightly less time, your travel specialist can help you choose the best regions that suit your wishes. Have a look at some of our favourite trips to get inspired for your own journey.

Holiday ideas for friends

3 weeks of the South Island

New Zealand

2-3 weeks - 4495 £

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4 week route from Akaroa to the Bay of Islands

New Zealand

- 7200 £

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Where can we stay?

At TravelEssence, we focus on small-scale accommodation and personally know the local hosts renowned for their Kiwi hospitality. From staying in a log cabin nestled deep into the forest, to sharing a hot tub under the Milky Way, and being woken up by penguins on your veranda. Escape the ordinary and experience the natural wonders of New Zealand.

A unique spot to connect with your friends and the local people

Enjoy a barbecue together on the veranda at sunset, sit around the fire and share stories with your friends and fellow travellers. These accommodations are an experience in themselves and the greatest way to discover the hidden gems in New Zealand.

Savour stunning views while cycling around Gibbston Valley

Would you like to find out a little more?

We offer regular online presentations. Get to know New Zealand a little better. And see if you like what we offer and what we can offer you. It’s free, of course, and no obligation. You can find our next online presentations here.

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What can we see and do?

With the diversity of New Zealand, you can see and do just about anything your heart desires. Immerse yourself in the Maori culture with Indigenous guides. Spot the rare yellow-eyed penguin on a hike to the Caitlin Coast of South Island. Cycle along an old railway line, through tunnels and over bridges between Dunedin and Central Otago. Sail the waters as you spot whales, dolphins and albatrosses.

Authentic once-in-a-lifetime experiences with the locals

Don't fall for the tourist traps! Let your travel specialist know your interests and they will advise what is best for you as a group and individually. There are private tours available as well as small group tours which offer a great chance to meet other travellers. We can take care of every detail, so you just have to show up and have fun.

Best places to visit

Boat in a lake with towering mountain peaks in the background
Milford Sound
Situated within Fiordland National Park, it's a magical place considered one of New Zealand's most spectacular natural attractions.
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People walking over a swing bridge
Rotorua is known for its volcanic wonders and rich Maori culture.
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Two people paddling in a kayak on turquoise water towards a forested rock formation
Abel Tasman National Park
Abel Tasman National Park is one of New Zealand's most popular national parks and an outdoor adventurer’s dream.
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Two people walking on a trail through the mountain
Aoraki/Mount Cook
Explore Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand's most dramatic natural beauty. It has the highest mountains, longest glaciers, and permanent snow.
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A person in a red t-shirt and black shorts standing near a stream surrounded by mountains
Fiordland National Park
The Fiordland National Park is 1.2 million hectares of unparalleled natural paradise and is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
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Ready for the holiday of a lifetime?

Discover a world beyond ordinary

At TravelEssence, we specialise in crafting custom-made holidays that take you off the beaten path and create memories to last a lifetime. We believe in connecting with the heart and soul of a place, introducing you to the locals who call it home. Engage in conversations with fascinating individuals who will share their stories, traditions, and way of life, leaving an indelible mark on your journey.