AUS - couple - Ruben & Deveney #1
AUS - couple - Ruben & Deveney #1
"We will never forget it"

Ruben & Deveney in Australia

A dream that became a reality. One country with so much diversity. From fascinating and bustling cities to the beautiful Great Ocean Road and the many stunning National Parks to the unique underwater world of the Great Barrier reef where we were snorkelling. Of course, we cannot forget to mention the crocodiles, kangaroos and koalas. It was truly amazing to see these animals in the wild.

Within three weeks, we saw so many beautiful things in Australia. It almost felt like two separate holidays within one country. The first week, we visited Melbourne, The Great Ocean Road and Adelaide. And in the last two weeks, we explored many amazing places from in the North, including Darwin and Cairns. In these beautiful regions, we also got better acquainted with the Indigenous people of Australia.

Maybe it was because of the difference in temperature that it felt like two different holidays. Within the first week that we were there, we hit 0 degrees a few times. And in the other two weeks, the temperature did not go under 25 degrees. It was a journey full of highlights. We saw so many amazing and beautiful things. We will never forget it.

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