AUS - solo - Marty
AUS - solo - Marty
"memories that'll last for a lifetime"

Marty in Australia

The first time I heard about TravelEssence was on the radio. The founder, Andrew, spoke in an ad, and he drew my attention. I looked them up and a few weeks later, I had a very kind and knowledgeable travel specialist sitting at my dining table.

I always dreamt of travelling to Australia on my own. I did some research myself but the country is so big. And it was hard to come up with a solid plan. The travel specialist really listened to my story. She advised me on so many things.

I love warm sunny weather, Aussie traditional culture and being remote. So she advised me to start my trip in Darwin when it’s winter and dry season there. She showed me some amazing national parks close to Darwin like Kakadu and Litchfield. All my Aussie wishes were granted when I looked over an endless from the top of a cliff in Kakadu. Amazing!

I love to be on my own often whilst being in nature. But I also love a good conversation with a local from a different culture. All the accommodations I stayed at were hosted by truly unique Australians. It was such a pleasure to meet them.

Of course, I can go on and on about all the rest of my beautiful experiences. But you probably get the picture: this travel company is one of a kind. They were so helpful: before, during and even after my trip. All their advice was spot on: they showed me things I would have never have found on my own. I highly recommend them to everyone that wants to head to the majestic land DownUnder, solo!

Thanks so much for creating memories that'll last for a lifetime!

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