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Solo: Take a tour through an ancient rainforest with a local guide

Discover the colours of an ancient rainforest together with a local company. Firstly, you can enjoy afternoon tea at the world-famous Lake Barrine. Then, you will have the chance to spot kangaroos, rainforest birds, butterflies, flying foxes and many other unique animals. With a bit of luck, you may also spot a platypus, one of the most unusual mammals on earth.

Along the way, learn about the unique ways local Aboriginal tribes used some of the plants and vegetation. As dusk approaches, you will dine in a local restaurant. After this, the nocturnal part of the tour begins, where you will look for animals that are only active in the dark, such as the tree kangaroo.

With a torch, you will head into the rainforest to a large Curtain Fig Tree. A place that is home to many nocturnal creatures. Did you know that approximately 80% of Australia’s animals are nocturnal or active at night? The rainforest is the perfect place to see them in action.

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