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Discover the hidden treasures of Sydney with a local

Uncover the enchantment of Sydney on an exclusive Sydney private day tour. Spend a day being introduced to all the wonderful sights and sounds which make up this grand city. This refined destination is rich with charisma and historical value, with an array of things to do and see!

You and your family will be introduced to Sydney’s culture. And learn about the environment while admiring the natural heritage. You'll also be able to be specific about what you don't want to miss out on seeing during the trip. At your own pace, accompanied by an experienced local guide, the itinerary will be tailored to you and your group's needs.

Experience the vibrancy of Sydney as you drive through the streets of the city. You'll visit the beaches and national parks. You can take part in activities such as snorkelling, forest walks, kayaking and surfing! It is also possible to walk along the coast and take a cheeky dip in the sea. And why not end the day with a family dinner at one of Sydney’s culinary restaurants.

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