Aus rainforest lodge nature kids kangaroo family stays very comfortable
Aus rainforest lodge nature tree kangaroo family stays very comfortable
Aus rainforest lodge nature bedroom view family stays very comfortable
Aus rainforest lodge nature living area family stays very comfortable

Family-friendly - A lodge where nature can wander in

Located 100 kilometres south-west from Cairns, nestled in 160 acres of lush tropical rainforest is a lodge. A private wet-tropical rainforest which is yours to explore. With over 100 mammal and bird species found around the property, there are plenty of opportunities to see Australian wildlife.

During your stay, keep an eye out for mammals such as platypus, short-beaked echidna, striped possum, red-legged pademelon and the spectacled flying-fox. Birds such as the wedge-tailed eagle, Australian brush-turkey and the laughing kookaburra. And reptiles such as the chameleon gecko, spotted tree monitor and Boyd’s forest dragon. And more.

Your host Margit is a dedicated wildlife carer with a focus on the Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo. Margit has extensive knowledge about the surrounding rainforest and its unique inhabitants. For over 40 years, Margit has cared for sick and orphaned wildlife.

During your stay in this idyllic place, you can take peaceful walks through the enchanting rainforest. Relax in the lush colourful garden with a book from the nature library. The two-storey property has three cosy rooms available. After a day exploring this captivating place, loosen up in the sauna and then go star-gazing.

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