Aus fraser island shipwreck queensland
Aus qld fraser island Dingo
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Aus qld fraser island Indian Head
Aus fraser island shipwreck queensland
Aus qld fraser island Dingo
Au big trees fraser island partner personal landing page best travel time
Aus qld fraser island Indian Head
The world's largest sand island


Be enchanted by the World Heritage Listed natural wonder, K'gari. Located along the south-eastern coast of Queensland on the Fraser Coast. The world's largest sand island is bursting with things to do and see.

Where should you visit in K'gari?

Spot roaming dingo on the Great Sandy Island
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Champagne Pools were formed by volcanic rocks
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An outdoor enthusiast's paradise

Spot dingo roaming through the rainforest or conquer sand dunes that are thousands of years old on a boogie board. Hike through tall rainforests, swim in crystal clear lakes, or go beach fishing in the rough ocean. Enjoy a 4WD tour on a sand highway, admire whales passing by, and end your day watching the sunset.

Wander through the rainforest
Get off the beaten track!
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The Butchulla people of Australia

The Indigenous people of the region, the Butchulla people, named the island K’gari which means paradise. For thousands of years, the Traditional owners of K'gari have lived in harmony with the surrounding nature in this magical part of the world. Today, the Butchulla people continue to follow their ancestors' pathway. They kindly ask visitors "Wherever you go leave only footprints."

The Butchulla people are the Traditional Owners of K'gari
K'gari has been inhabited by the Butchulla Aboriginal people for thousands of years
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75 Mile Beach

Are you ready to hop on board a 4WD and conquer 75 Mile Beach? Running the length of the island, this spectacular sand National Highway is one of the most unforgettable experiences in Australia. Featuring many natural treasures along the way, stop and explore shipwrecks, natural swimming pools and much more. Marvel at the coloured sands of The Pinnacles. Be sure to keep to the 80 kilometres per hour speed limit, and watch out for light aircraft that also use the highway as a landing strip!

Beach Fraser Island | Australia holiday
Did you know? 75 Mile Beach is approximately 120 kilometres long
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Four cars parked on the beach in Australia
There are plenty of adventure tours on offer to explore Fraser Island

Lake McKenzie

Would you like to swim in a crystal clear freshwater lake? Lake McKenzie is located 6.2 kilometres southeast of Kingfisher Resort. Covering approximately 150 hectares, the lake is 1200 metres in length and 930 metres wide. Perfect for soaking up the laid-back Aussie lifestyle, the stunning lake is surrounded by pristine nature and tranquillity. With no strange creatures living in the lake and a soft white sand bottom, it is a perfect spot for swimming and paddleboarding.

Lake McKenzie/ Booragoon is considered to be a freshwater lake
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Did you know? Lake McKenzie's water is drinkable
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Champagne pools

The Champagne Pools are one of the unique natural attractions on K'gari. It is also one of the few solitary spots on the island where you are allowed to swim in saltwater. Located along 75 Mile Beach, between Waddy Point and Indian Head, this place features amazing views of the ocean and is a natural jacuzzi. The best time to visit the Champagne pools is at low tide.

Cool off in the crystal-clear natural pools
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Relax in a natural jacuzzi - the Champagne Pools
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Maheno Shipwreck

The Maheno is a special part of Australian history and is one of Fraser's greatest tourist attractions. The trans-Tasman liner was driven ashore during a cyclone in 1935. Located approximately ten kilometres north of Happy Valley, along 75 Mile Beach, the SS Maheno Shipwreck is an astonishing sight with fantastic photo opportunities.

Maheno is the most famous of K'gari's wrecks and has become a landmark attraction
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Maheno is more than 75 years old it is protected

Eli Creek

During your visit to Fraser, be sure to stop by Eli Creek, the largest creek on the eastern beach of the island. A popular swimming and picnic spot, it is an ideal place to relax and absorb the surrounding nature. Follow the boardwalk that follows the creek and past flora such as banksia and pandanus.

Local tip: Take a blow-up floating device and float down the creek for a magical K'gari experience

Eli Creek is a popular picnic and swimming spot
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Lake Allom is the only rainforested lake on the island
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Lake Wabby

Discover a small green-coloured, freshwater creek within the Great Sandy National Park. Located on the eastern side of K'gari, the lake is opposite Hammerstone Sandblow. The walk from the parking area takes approximately 30 minutes and is well-shaded. Once you reach Lake Wabby, it's the perfect spot for a refreshing swim. If you are feeling active, try the 4.1 kilometres Lake Wabby walk!

Lake Wabby is the deepest dune lake in K'gari
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Enjoy camping? Spend the night at Waddy Point Beachfront Campground
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Kingfisher Bay Resort

Get properly acquainted with K'gari during your stay at Kingfisher Bay Resort. After you arrive at the world’s largest sand island, make yourself at home and adjust to island living. The family-friendly resort has won several tourism awards.

Enjoy the great outdoors

There are plenty of options with four swimming pools, three restaurants, four bars and a day spa. The chefs are inspired by the traditional owners of the region, the Butchella people, and aim to serve you dishes that reflect their Australian bush heritage, but with a hint of Fraser on the plate.

If you stay at Eurong Beach Resort, be sure to watch the sunrise at Eurong Beach
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Enjoy the island vibes at Kingfisher Bay Resort
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National park

Great Sandy National Park is a spectacular coastal national park in the Fraser Coast region. Discover untouched beaches, sand dunes, coloured sands, rainforests, creeks, freshwater lakes and mangrove forests. Covering an area of 18,400 hectares, spot unique Australian wildlife and immerse yourself in pristine nature. Keep an eye out for koalas, emus, mangrove honeyeaters and wallabies. Enjoy world-class hikes with an array of day and multi-day options available.

Go 4WD and discover the Great Sandy National Park
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Pile Valley is a must-visit!
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Central Station

The Central Station Rainforest is bursting with unique flora and fauna. Take a scenic boardwalk through the rainforest along the banks of Wanggoolba Creek. Pass by 100-year-old kauri pines, bunya pines, satinays and flooded gums. The site was once originally important for the Indigenous Butchulla women, and later saw a forestry camp established in the mid-20th century. Today, visitors can enjoy a picnic, camp overnight and learn more about the incredible plants and birds living here.

Central Station is located along Wanggoolba Creek
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The Pinnacles are one of the world's most unique sand formations
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How to get there

Hop onboard Kingfisher Bay Ferry! Operating daily (six services) from Riverheads (20 minutes south of Hervey Bay) to the World Heritage Listed Fraser Island, where you will find Kingfisher Resort. This award-winning resort is located on the western side of the island and your journey there will take you approximately 50 minutes. The vessel fits 220 passengers and has two decks to wander.

Try to spot jellyfish floating on the lapping blue waters or spot birds flying high in the sky. Take advantage of the bar on board, and treat yourself with a cold beer and snacks. It is advised to check in at the mainland about 40 minutes before the departure of the ferry. From reception, a shuttle service will take you to the boat ten minutes before departure. If you would like to bring a vehicle to Fraser, Manta-Ray Barges operates two barges per day from 6:00 am to 5:15 pm.

Get off the beaten track in a four-wheel-drive and spot dingo
Beach Fraser Island | Australia holiday
The most popular way to get to Fraser Island is by a ferry or barge from Hervey Bay

Surrounding areas

There are so many wonders to discover in the surrounding areas of Fraser. If you prefer to escape the crowds, Rainbow Beach is an aquatic lovers' playground. Situated on Great Beach Drive, Rainbow Beach is the southern gateway to Fraser. A small drive from Rainbow is Inskip Peninsula. Here, you can take your 4WD on a barge across to Fraser Island.

Welcome to Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is oozing with laid-back vibes, discover beach front esplanades, beer gardens and warm blue waters. This coastal city is located in Southern Queensland and is the gateway to K'gari and Lady Elliot Island. Hervey Bay is known as the whale-watching capital and is the place to admire majestic Humpback Whales from August to October.

Uncover the majestic Whitsundays

Be dazzled by 74 stunning islands known as The Whitsundays. Located 1000 kilometres north of K'gari, off the colourful coastal town of Airlie Beach. Spend your days snorkelling and exploring an abundance of marine life including various types of fish, turtles and possibly dolphins. At dusk, watch out for turtles nibbling on seaweed by the pontoon. As night approaches, watch as the sky starts popping and filling up with shiny stars. Try to spot the Southern Cross!

It is possible to go on a small group tour and combine the Whitsundays and Fraser Island
Noosa, south of K'gari is definitely worth a visit
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