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Accommodation in Australia

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A journey where your accommodation is an experience in itself. We have a large selection of hand-selected accommodation located throughout Australia. Our special and extensive collection of accommodation includes:

Bed and breakfasts. Cottages. Eco-lodges. Farm-stays. Vineyards. Luxury lodges. Holiday houses. Villas. Glamping. Glass pods. Boutique-hotels. Tiny houses. And more. Whether you prefer a crisp and contemporary apartment by the beach or camping in a World Heritage Listed National Park, we have found it. Our accommodations are as unique as you are.

8 reasons why our accommodations in Australia are unique

1. We have found the best in Australia

We have travelled throughout Australia and carefully selected all of our accommodations. We have found the best quality, best price and best comfort. We have over 1200 accommodations for you to stay in. All unique and special. And we frequently visit them to ensure quality and enhance how you will be hosted as one of our guests.

Experience the real and authentic Australia in our unique accommodations

2. Our hosts make the difference

Australians are world-renowned for their genuine hospitality. Our hosts will welcome you with open arms. They can’t wait to show you their part of the world. And they certainly love a good chat! Or don’t be surprised if they invite you to a barbecue - Aussie-style! Our hosts are known for sharing their local tips and hidden gems. So, if you want to know where the best restaurant in the area is, ask them! They know their country like no other. And they’d love to share it with you.

Meet the locals | Australia holiday
Be welcomed to Australia with open arms
Local Aussie hosts with their dog in The Grampians
Let our local hosts show you their backyard full of wonders

"I love the small, personal and charming accommodations that end up making you feel like you are at home."

Tobias, Travel specialist
Discover New South Wales | Australia holiday
Paul and Craig warmly welcome you to their home
Savour home-cooked meals, prepared by your hosts

"Hosts, Paul and Craig spoil their guests with great food, made with locally grown products. Their passion for hospitality is admiring."

Gerrie, Travel specialist

3. Special locations

Our accommodations are located in places you wouldn’t normally find yourselves. A place surrounded by Australia’s finest nature. Or next to a secluded beach with no one else in sight. Nestled beside an alpine lake. A funky inner suburb of Melbourne. Wherever it may be, you will be able to experience the real and authentic, Australia.

Accommodation that becomes a special part of your journey

4. Away from mass tourism

While other tourists are on a cramped bus tour, staying in ‘typical’ hotels and motels. Passing by all the treasures of the country at a breaking speed, you’ll be staying in real accommodations with real people. A place away from the other tourists, away from the busyness. A place where you feel at home and can really connect with the locals.

Gorgeous infinity pool | Australia holiday
Absorb the luxurious Aussie lifestyle
Gorgeous stay in Port Douglas | Australia holiday
Stay at a bed and breakfast nestled between the rainforest

5. A local experience

We have chosen our accommodation not based on the interior, but for the exclusive local experience, they will provide you. Stay on a local farm and let your hosts, Jim and Monique show you around their property. Learn how to shear a sheep or milk a cow. Sample fresh produce from their homegrown vegetable garden. A real local experience, that is uniquely yours.

Learn more about the running of local Australian farms

6. You don’t have to travel far

Australia is a huge country. However, you don’t have to travel far to see a lot. Our accommodations are located just a few hours from each other. And even though you travel just a few hours, you will find a completely new landscape to explore. From ancient rainforests, and nature reserves to golden beaches and quirky small towns. Endless picturesque scenery, and a backyard filled with local treasures.

Western Australia | Australia holiday
Get "off the grid' and discover authentic Australia
Flinder Ranges South Australia | Australia holiday
Let the locals show you their special part of Australia

7. Our local knowledge

Our travel experts are native Australians, or have lived and travelled the country extensively. Therefore, with our local knowledge and unique small-scale stays, we can create a journey to Australia which is uniquely yours. Based on your wishes, desires and individual needs, we can match to accommodation that suits you the best. Whatever you want, whatever you need, we have found it.

Soak up the Aussie lifestyle in unique places

8. Exclusive to TravelEssence

Most of our accommodations are exclusive to TravelEssence. You won’t find them anywhere else. And, definitely not during a search online. We work directly with locals and create unique experiences. Would you like to mix and match? Enjoy a range of accommodations during your journey. From luxury lodges, and quirky bed and breakfasts to beachside holiday homes and glamping under the stars. No place will be the same.

Places that make you feel more connected to nature
Accommodations with unforgettable views

Contact us and we would love to discuss with you further all the possibilities. Our accommodations are more than a comfortable bed and a clean bathroom. It is an experience, a place that connects you with the country and the locals.

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