4 Kaikoura Whales c Travel Essence
4 Kaikoura Whales c Travel Essence

6 reasons why you should book your holiday in advance

Dreaming of your holiday to Australia or New Zealand? You may be filled with many questions and 'how far in advance should you book?' is definitely one you should consider. Why? After travelling Australia and New Zealand extensively, from our first-hand local knowledge, we have learned how to make the most out of your time DownUnder. And we highly recommend booking at least 12 months in advance.

Planning your trip to New Zealand | New Zealand holiday
A dream trip to Australia and New Zealand requires detailed planning

1. You will have the best choice of accommodation

By booking your trip last minute or travelling 'on the go', you will miss out on Australia's most unique and special accommodation. Instead, you will have to stay in the last choice. A motel with a view of the parking lot or an overpriced chain hotel with no character.

We have carefully selected the most unique and beautiful accommodation in Australia and New Zealand. Be welcomed by local hosts, who love to share their special part of the world with you. Stay at locations that the other tourists didn't know about. The places where you stay are what make your journey, a trip out of the ordinary.

Accommodation that becomes a special part of your journey
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2. Fly in comfort

Booking your flights to Australia or New Zealand in advance means you can benefit from many advantages. A better choice of seats on the place can make such a difference when you are flying as far as Australia and New Zealand. You can pre-plan and enjoy a stopover destination on the way and the most suitable route. And choose from the most exclusive airlines.

Flight pricing tends to fluctuate based on supply and demand, but it is reassuring to know by booking in advance, you have secured the best seats. For example, premium economy seats are next to the window and are a great option for comfort and price. However, there are also fewer premium economy seats available and therefore, sell faster.

We work closely with Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines, who both work closely with domestic carriers. This means you can take advantage of international and domestic flights on one ticket, with the same terms and conditions. Often these combined flights offer a very good deal, as domestic flights tend to be cheaper if you book early.

Arrive zen in Australia | Australia holiday
Sit back and relax, tomorrow you will be at your dream destination

3. An itinerary that suits your wishes

If you book your holiday in advance, we can organise the best route, accommodations, and activities for the best price. We will do all the work for you to create your dream holiday. If you travel on the go, you will stay at the last choice and leftover accommodations, and often there is no availability for activities. Booking last-minute domestic flights are also generally more expensive than pre-booked flights.

Is it your dream to marvel at whales? Or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef? Depending on which activities you would like to do in Australia, depends on when the best travel time is. Because some of your dream activities may be only available seasonal or best experienced at a certain time of year. If you do have an activity on your bucket list, let’s sit down and have a chat about it together. We will ensure that you won’t miss out on your experience of a lifetime.

Go snorkelling at Ningaloo Reef
Swim with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef Australia
Swim with whale sharks in Western Australia
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4. Enjoy the pre-buzz of travel longer

The feeling of excitement after you have booked a big trip is not to be missed. It is a large part of the journey, waiting and wondering in anticipation. Telling everyone that you know! Learn more about each place you are going to visit before you go. Deciding what to pack. Having plenty of time to pre-arrange passports and visas. Perhaps, buying yourself the perfect travel bag? And of course, really enjoy those pre-travel butterflies in the belly!

A 3-day hiking adventure in the Grampians
Are you ready to conquer Australia and New Zealand? Let's go!
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5. Better value for money

Small-scale accommodations are the first to be booked because they provide the most authentic experience. This means you if you wait too long to book, you are left with overpriced or unwanted places. Without pre-planning your trip, you may end up paying higher prices for activities during your holiday. You also risk paying too much for flights, car rental, and as well as better value for money, your whole experience will be different. If you are going as far as Australia and New Zealand, don't waste your precious time or money.

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6. Avoid the high travel demand

Since COVID-19 changed the world over two years ago, many people have had to postpone and rescheduled their travel plans. This means we are already seeing a high travel demand. If you plan to travel to Australia or New Zealand, we highly recommend booking in advance, so that you don't miss out.

New bookings together with the postponed booking mean less supply and therefore if you wait too long, you risk competing with the high travel demand. Get inspired for your trip at one of our live and informative presentations, hosted by our local travel specialists. Or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Local Aussie hosts with their dog in The Grampians
Our Aussie and Kiwi hosts look forward to welcoming you to their special part of the world

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At TravelEssence, we specialise in crafting custom-made holidays that take you off the beaten path and create memories to last a lifetime. We believe in connecting with the heart and soul of a place, introducing you to the locals who call it home. Engage in conversations with fascinating individuals who will share their stories, traditions, and way of life, leaving an indelible mark on your journey.