AUS - #50 - 3 weeks - friends - culture - Immerse yourself in Australia's diverse history - 3
nz rotorua maori storytelling
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Nz maori tattoos discoverpage detail culture history
AUS - #50 - 3 weeks - friends - culture - Immerse yourself in Australia's diverse history - 3
nz rotorua maori storytelling
aus oongkalkada wilderness camp 3
Nz maori tattoos discoverpage detail culture history

Connect with Indigenous Australia and New Zealand

Would you like to experience the dynamic culture of the Māori or discover the oldest living culture in the world? Learn about these fascinating cultures, first-hand with our Indigenous guides. They would love to share their stories, traditions, myths and lifestyle with you. In nature, away from the mainstream, connect with the country through the eyes of the Indigenous people.

The Aboriginal people of Australia are waiting to welcome you

And tell you their stories. In each corner of the country, with their own traits and traditions, it is a truly unique experience. Indigenous communities have always lived in close connection to their land. And their ancient creation myths still play a vital role in their culture today. This is evident throughout the country.

Learn about Australia's flora and fauna with an Indigenous guide
Learn how the Aboriginal people used plants for medicinal purposes
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Go on a journey and discover the dynamic Māori culture

The Māori population is approximately 16% of New Zealand’s total population and their customs are treasured. Learn more about their way of life, customs and traditions. Connect with the Māori culture by listening to myths and legends from passionate Māori guides.

We work closely with the Indigenous population of Australia and New Zealand. They have always lived in harmony with nature, but have had a hard time in the past century. It is because of small-scale tourism that their stories once again gain a voice, which is treated with respect.

Traditional Maori shell trumpet | New Zealand holiday
Learn about traditional Māori instruments
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aus nourlangie rock kakadu rock art aboriginal

Get inspired for your dream holiday Down Under

Join one of our live and informative presentations, hosted by one of our travel specialists. And find out how to travel to Australia or New Zealand in a uniquely local way. There are also plenty of opportunities to ask questions!

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Meet local Māori, Mereana and Joe

Mereana and Joe’s lifestyle is guided by Kōrero tuku iho, the whispers of their ancestors. They invite you to become part of their Māori Whanau (family) and experience their way of life. Mereana, Joe and their guides live as ‘Tangata Whenua”, people of the land who are here to protect the environment and their culture. Learn about their special connection with the land and have a better understanding of Māori culture.

A day on a Whispering Trail is customised to suit the interests of you and your fellow travellers. It is also adapted to the weather conditions. Your Māori guide has years of experience and knowledge of the area with special access to Māori tribes. They will guide you to unique places, walking through the rainforest, collecting shellfish, hunting and fishing.

Learn about Maori culture with Maria and Joe | New Zealand holiday with kids
Gain a better understanding of Māori culture
Hiking in the forest | New Zealand holiday with kids
Mereana and Joe look forward to telling you more about their traditions

Help to restore native trees in areas destroyed by logging

Together with a local guide, discover the enchanting Te Urewera rainforest. Meeting at Murupara, your guide will drive you to Ngaputahi. Spend the morning planting native trees and feel connected to the restoration project. Your planted tree will continue to grow in the rainforest for thousands of years to come and gives you the status of Kaitiaki Tautoko - a guardian of the rainforest. To help with the restoration and preservation of the rainforest, TravelEssence donates $25 for each person to the Te Urewera Rainforest Restoration Trust.

In the afternoon, your guide will take you through the Whirinaki Forest Park. Along the way, sharing stories and legends of Māori and the importance of trees and nature in Māori culture.

Tree planting project with local Maori Tribe
Learn about the importance of trees and nature in Māori culture
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Go hiking in Te Urewera | New Zealand active holiday
On a guided walk, listen to stories and legends of Māori

Experience a world-class bush camp

Located at the Udialla Springs property, 50 kilometres off the Great Northern Highway. Situated between the towns of Broome and Derby in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. This authentic property is on the grounds of the Nyikina people.

A place where Indigenous Australians gathered to share news, trade, sing, dance, celebrate, learn and heal their mind and spirit. Today, Neville lives here with his wife and two children. While staying with this family, you can discover what it's like to live in the Outback. Go on an adventure in this remote area along the Fitzroy River during your two-night stay.

Neville and his family live on the grounds of the Nyikina people
Australia Wilderness | Australia holiday
Neville looks forward to telling you more about his culture

Get back-to-basics

You will stay in one of the six safari tents with a bathroom and a toilet in the open air. The tent also offers a balcony, a king-size bed or two single beds. There is no electricity in the tent. However, you can get power in the common room, somewhere to recharge your batteries! During your stay at the Wilderness Camp, you will not have mobile coverage or WiFi.

Get back to basics in a safari tent
Australia kids experience | Australia kids holiday
Gain a better understanding of the Aboriginal customs and beliefs

Experience a traditional welcome ceremony

After you arrive, you will experience a traditional welcome ceremony and have the opportunity to discover the surroundings of the camp for yourself. On the first evening, you will go with Neville and discuss how you will spend your time here. Neville will gladly take you on a trip to learn more about his Indigenous culture.

It is also possible to go fishing and enjoy your fresh catch for dinner. Neville's kids will be happy to help you with fishing and cooking too. Or how about a walk in the woods, where the children are your guide. They can tell you all about the local flora and fauna. You can also choose a tour of the lake and admire the sunset.

A wilderness camp with night sky lit up with stars
Sleep under the Milky Way

A 4-day adventure in the Top End of Australia

Uncover the secrets of the Northern Territory’s Top End on a 4WD Aussie safari tour. Over four days, you will explore the treasures of Kakadu and Litchfield National Park. During your journey, you will learn about the oldest culture in the world and admire 20,000-year-old Aboriginal rock art.

On your first day, you will take a refreshing swim in the cool spring-fed water holes at Litchfield National Park and immerse yourself in nature. You will see fascinating termite moulds which are much taller than you! On the second day, be dazzled by the spectacular nature show during your Yellow Waters cruise in Kakadu National Park.

Our Indigenous guides have an abundance of information to share
Campfire in the Outback | Australia kids holiday
Listen to tradtional stories under the Milky Way

Spot crocodiles lurking in the water

Marvel at crocodiles and adore the large array of native birds. After the cruise, you will leave for Nourlangie Rock, where you can learn about the traditional lifestyle of the local Indigenous people. On the third day, you will visit Twin Falls Gorge and Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu National Park.

There are approximately 10,000 crocodiles living in Kakadu National Park

The last day is dedicated to Arnhem Land, where Indigenous art is alive and waiting to be adored

During the tour, the idea is that everyone pitches in. This means everyone helps out with preparing meals, together with your guide. You will stay in a permanent tent with a bed, a real Aussie Outback experience.

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