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New Zealand: 5 proactive measures taken during the cyclone

TravelEssence is committed to giving you the trip of a lifetime. Even when things don't go as planned. For instance, a cyclone hit New Zealand earlier this month (February 2023). Our crisis team immediately sprang into action to help customers. Read more about our proactive approach to this event in New Zealand.

What happened?

In mid-February 2023, a cyclone raged over New Zealand. This powerful and subtropical storm brought three times the usual February rainfall on the North Island. This caused flooding and storm surges in several regions. A national state of emergency was invoked and thousands of people were displaced as the storm devastated large parts of the North Island.

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Proactive situation monitoring

Before the cyclone arrived in New Zealand, we closely monitored the weather forecast. This way, we were prepared and ensured no customers were present in the most affected areas. At that time, customers travelling around the North Island were informed about the expected weather forecasts.

Contact with customers and hosts on site

After the cyclone arrived, we notified customers of the current situation. We also reassured them - where necessary - and gave them tips and were available to answer any questions. All hosts in the affected regions provided us with an update on how they had been affected. Customers could also turn to the hosts with their questions.

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Quick solutions

After the ferry services between the North and South Islands were temporarily suspended, we acted quickly. A charter plane was arranged for 12 passengers so that they could continue on their scheduled journey and enjoy their holiday on the South Island. It was great to transform a bad situation into a good one for these customers.

Alternative routes

Due to some badly damaged roads, alternative routes were set up for several customers, including appropriate accommodations. In most cases, this turned out to be an extra night per trip. In this way, they could continue their original travel plans right after the storm passed.

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Tailored travel plans

An adapted travel plan was drawn up in consultation with customers who would soon be travelling to one of the affected regions. This ensured they could travel to New Zealand without any concerns and continue to enjoy all the beauty that this country has to offer. Local hosts are happy to receive our customers again, especially after this event.

In the meantime, it is safe for you to travel to New Zealand. If you are unsure or would prefer to speak to one of our travel specialists in person, you can call us on 020 36 95 95 69 during office hours.

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