Aus sa coober pedy Kanku Breakaways Conservation Park
nz-south-fiordland national park-milford sound
AUS Yellowfoots tale kangaroo Zwijnenburg
Old youth t A Jog0u Jk T0 unsplash
Aus sa coober pedy Kanku Breakaways Conservation Park
nz-south-fiordland national park-milford sound
AUS Yellowfoots tale kangaroo Zwijnenburg
Old youth t A Jog0u Jk T0 unsplash
Expats abroad

Are you an expat living abroad?

Travelling from the Middle East or Southeast Asia?

If you're an expat lucky enough to live in one of these incredible locations, and you are looking to visit Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, or the Cook Islands, getting there is a lot easier and faster, as it is only one stop away from your destination - one stop less than if you were travelling from Europe - this means that you can easily visit one of these destinations in two weeks and create long-lasting memories.

What makes us unique?

  • We can plan every detail of your trip in advance for you, meaning you can take a step back and enjoy every second of your holiday.
  • Our local knowledge and network means we find places away from the mainstream, enabling you to experience these destinations through the eyes of the locals.
  • Our hosts know and love their local area and are happy to share their local tips with you - this allows you to discover the local gems away from the crowds.
  • We pay your accommodation hosts before you arrive so they can focus on providing you with the best hospitality and experience.
  • We will source you the best accommodation, rental car, and activity rates, as well as find you the best flights and fares for you as we have built great relationships with major airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways.
  • No hidden costs – all travel costs are visible to you in advance.
  • Travel with the knowledge that we are there for you every step of the way. With a 24/7 emergency number, we are there from the moment we meet till you arrive safely back home.
  • Peace of mind knowing you are booking with a company that has been in operation since 2006 across the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and the United Kingdom, and that your holiday is both ATOL-protected and ABTA-certified.
Tent under the clear night sky
Stay in breathtaking accommodations.
Local guide and host in Australia
Learn from knowledgeable locals.

Why choose TravelEssence?

At TravelEssence, we believe that each traveller is unique, with their own individual taste, interests, and preferences. While we promote slow travelling, that may not always be possible - that is why we go above and beyond to create custom-made itineraries handcrafted just for you.

By opting for a fully custom-made holiday with TravelEssence, you are free to shape your itinerary according to your requirements, ideas, budget, and length of holiday.

We know there is nothing quite like the lands Down Under to experience some of the world's sunniest spots, breathtaking beaches, and world-heritage sights.

Take the worry out of planning.

And let one of our travel experts arrange it with and for you. Our experienced travel experts work closely with you, taking the time to understand your dreams and preferences and with their expert guidance, you can unlock hidden gems, uncover off-the-beaten-path treasures, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Their mission is to provide you with the best holiday possible - coming from or having lived in these incredible destinations for years, they have travelled, met locals, and gathered information on the best spots to visit - think of them as your personal holiday planners.

But our travel experts do much more than plan a holiday for you - what makes their holiday arrangements so unique is that our travel experts frequently travel to these destinations to experience first-hand the accommodations, activities, and local eateries they recommend to you - enabling them to curate every aspect of your holiday by ensuring the suggestions made, are the perfect match for you.

Meet our travel experts

TravelEssence specialist Kieran visiting Doubtful Sound New Zealand
Meet our travel expert Kieran

“"I enjoy providing travellers with an authentic experience of the unique culture and varied landscapes on offer in New Zealand!""

Meet all our travel experts
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Meet our travel expert

“"I absolutely adored my time in Australia which is why I am super excited to make my customer's trips as special as mine!""

Meet all our travel experts
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Join one of our Destination Presentations

If you dream of a holiday to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, or the Cook Islands, join one of our destination presentations held in the UK (on-demand presentations are also available upon request) and start your journey down under with TravelEssence. There's no time like now - learn all about these destinations and start planning your perfect holiday.

Start planning your dream holiday now!