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NZ - Canterbury
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nz-south-mount cook-lupines
NZ - Canterbury
Lake Tekapo Canterbury Vaughan Brookfield 1597 1
A bespoke journey through New Zealand

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Are you ready to roam beyond the ordinary? Start your dream journey here. Experience a fully bespoke holiday, created by us and enjoyed by you. Stay with local hosts who warmly welcome you to their homes, at unique and special locations. Take advantage of our local knowledge and visit the places, others didn't know existed.

We sit down with all of our clients to personally discuss your wants and needs. We plan and organise everything in detail to create your absolute dream holiday. Feel free to contact us to discuss your holiday plans. Or attend one of our live and informative presentations to learn more.


Canterbury is the largest region of New Zealand with diverse landscapes, stretching from the ocean to the mountains. The impressive Southern Alps mountain range makes for a beautiful backdrop. Arthurs Pass and Aoraki/ Mount Cook National Parks offer magical hiking and cycling tracks as well as skiing in the winter months.

Many rivers flow through the Canterbury region creating fertile soil, an absolute dream result for farmers. This is a great place to spend a few days on a farm stay. Experience the day-to-day rural life of a farmer and their animals. If you are up for it, get your hands dirty and shear a sheep!

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