Fiordland 17
Nz albatross
Australia blue mountains
Fiordland 17
Nz albatross
Australia blue mountains
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Sustainable travel

Travel nourishes the soul - and sustainable travel protects our planet and habitats. We at TravelEssence aim to contribute to the future of environmentally conscious travel, and all our philosophy is based around this.

Travel is the world's largest industry and one that does a lot of good for a lot of people in the world. It employs as much as 20% of some countries' populations. This means people can support themselves and their families by looking after guests from other places.

Join us as we make travel more sustainable

Iconic silver fern | New Zealand nature
Find unique native plants in the Fiordland National Park
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Sustainable travel is important to us and our clients

Our philosophy

We are passionate about making travel more sustainable. We have taken an action-driven approach to use the positive power of tourism. This enables locals to look after their natural world.

Every single trip leaves an ecological footprint. In the case of long-distance travel, in particular, it is increased due to the higher CO2 emissions from long-haul flights. Every traveller can help to reduce and compensate for this, and our goal is to help you to travel more sustainably and ethically!

  • We support regional tourism providers

  • All holidays are carbon-neutral

  • Cultural exchange and deeper learner are always emphasized

  • Accommodations are meet environmental standards and are managed in a way that conserves resource

Small business

We work exclusively with small and micro businesses owned and run by locals. This creates a positive cycle and equalizes the power dynamic with our suppliers. There are many benefits for you as well! You will gain an in-depth understanding and cultural awareness that you cannot find any guidebook.

Working with small businesses also helps local economies to thrive. These businesses are run with passion by people who love their part of the world and want to share it with you. At the same time, you use your money to pay local providers and in this way support their income and regional communities.

We work exclusively with local guides and small businesses
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Yellow-eyed penguin | New Zealand wildlife
Discover the wildlife preserves throughout New Zealand and Australia

Carbon offsetting

It's no secret: air travel leaves a large environmental footprint. To minimise the carbon footprint of your trip to New Zealand or Australia, all CO2 emissions from are compensated so that your holiday is 100% carbon-neutral. But at TravelEssence, we offset more than just the CO2 emissions of the flights. We also neutralise the flights and car journeys of every trip with a climate protection project with gold status.

In addition to carbon offsetting, we organise small-scale accommodations, far away from mass tourism, that are natural and environmentally friendly. Doing this helps to reduce the initial environmental impact. Want to learn more about how exactly we offset your holiday? Click below!

We offset ALL of our client’s flights and driving, as well as all of our business operations (2x over).

Andrew, Founder
Cathay Pacific aircraft above clouds
Fly with the most efficient aircraft, the A350, through our partnership with Cathay Pacific
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