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aus kangaroo at lucky bay
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Places - Flinders Ranges
aus kangaroo at lucky bay
aus pink lake hillier
Au seal partner length of holiday header
Travelling with your partner

How long do we need in Australia?

Are you planning a trip to Australia with your partner and wondering how long you need? Let's dive into what makes an Aussie adventure unforgettable and figure out just how much time you should set aside to soak in all that Australia has to offer.

We often get asked what is the perfect amount of time to visit Australia - and to that, we reply - how long do you have? And what would you like to see and do?

Travelling to Australia the TravelEssence way means exploring the country at a relaxed pace, spending a couple of days in each location, seeing each destination through the eyes of the locals, and having the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in each place you visit.

With so many unique regions and destinations, each with its own charm and characteristics, we promote holidays where you uncover hidden treasures, meet the locals, and explore attractions away from the mainstream.

So, if you'd like to find out the ideal length of time to visit this astonishing country, read on!

Two to three weeks

Yes, that's right - you can visit Australia for two to three weeks and have a really good time. Travelling at a relaxed pace, you will easily visit and fully immerse yourself in a couple of regions - as the key here is to spend less time driving and more time discovering Australia.

For a two—to three-week holiday, we would definitely recommend a visit to North Queensland and the route between Melbourne and Adelaide - it just so happens to be one of our favourites, too!

Both locations are a short driving distance from each other, and they are both brimming with loads of attractions, natural beauty, and hidden gems just waiting to be explored - the perfect romantic getaway.

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aus perth night
13 days | Highlights South West Australia
13 days - £4,450
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Sydney from above
15 days | Highlights Eastcoast Australia
15 days - £4,200
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aus qld daintree rainforest
16 days | Cities, Outback, Rainforest and Reef Australia
16 days - £6,900
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Bottlenose Dolphin | Australia wildlife
17 days | Explore the beautiful South of Australia
17 days - £4,700
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aus great barrier reef dive coral
3 weeks | Highlights Australia
Sydney to Cairns
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Melbourne street art | Australia holiday
3 weeks | Australian culture and landscapes
22 days - £2,900
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View of rocks on the beach with clear blue water, white sand beach and green hills in the background
3 weeks | Discover Tasmania's pristine nature
Melbourne to Bicheno
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Three to five weeks

Three to five weeks is ideal, and it will give you both the opportunity to stay in each location between two and five nights and check out regions a bit further afield. This will allow you both to truly absorb the country and soak up the ‘no worries’ Aussie mentality.

If you both dream of visiting a few regions of Australia, such as Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, or even Western Australia, we recommend flying internally.

This way, you will make the most out of your time Down Under - experience more of Australia's diversity and see more of its unique landscapes.

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Aboriginal fishing | Australia cultural holiday
4 weeks | Explore the Australian Outback
29 days - £5,110
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aus noosa view from above
4 weeks | East Coast of Australia
Sydney to Noosa
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Aus besttime partner tropical north queensland
4 weeks | Visit Australia's most captivating highlights
27 days - £4,199
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Au great ocean road discoverpage
4 weeks | South East Australia
29 days - £4,899
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Field of green vineyards in the Barossa Valley
4 weeks | Go into the depths of South Australia
Melbourne to Adelaide
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Aus couple rob renee7

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Five + weeks

Travelling through Australia for five or more weeks gives you both so much flexibility, and the options are endless - so where would you like to go?

In five weeks, you can explore the iconic Outback, snorkel along the Great Barrier Reef, and wander through vibrant cities like Sydney and Melbourne - you will be able to visit a variety of regions, all different and unique and experience diverse climates.

With this amount of time, it is also possible to include a visit to New Zealand or explore one of our incredible stopover destinations - and add a touch of romance to your trip.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s chat about the possibilities and how we can help make your dream holiday a reality.

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Aus tropical island pool sunset view family stays luxury
5 weeks | Experience the diversity of Australia
33 days - £5,999
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Au flinders range 4wd nature view friends see and do active
5 weeks | Discover the treasures of the South
Sydney to Adelaide
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Uluru national park | Australia nature
5 weeks | Immerse yourself in Indigenous culture
Sydney to Atherton Tables
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Discover Daintree | Australia cultural holiday
5 weeks | Discover diverse landscapes
Cairns to Sydney
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