aus broome coastline scenic flight
aus broome coastline scenic flight

Top 5 undiscovered places in Australia

During a journey through Australia, there are plenty of amazing highlights that should not be missed. Sydney, the Great Ocean Road, the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree National Park, and the Outback are just a few of the well-known and iconic places found in Australia. But what about the lesser-discovered? From the adventurous wilderness in the Kimberley, the untouched nature of Tasmania, the Indigenous culture of Arnhemland, the fascinating Australian history of Tenterfield, and the Mediterranean-styled, Mornington Peninsula.

A journey to the lesser-known Australia

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1. Kimberley

Are you ready for a real Aussie adventure? Travel the Gibb River Road, a 660-kilometre dirt road that takes you through the heart of the Kimberley, between Derby and Kununurra. The Kimberley is also known as Australia's last deserted wilderness. When taking a trip along Gibb River Road, you need to be a little adventurous and feel comfortable driving a 4WD. The gravel road meanders through a spectacular landscape with changing colours, rugged mountains, rocks, and waterfalls.

Hike through some of Australia's most astounding nature
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Discover untouched nature along the Ord River
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Go on an adventure in the Kimberleys

2. Tasmania

If you want to discover a natural wonderland, featuring untouched wilderness, visit Tasmania. The island is located south of Australia and was discovered by a Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman. Get acquainted with pure nature and tranquillity as 37% of the island consists of national parks, nature reserves, and World-Heritage-Listed areas.

There is also an assortment of special and unique wildlife living there, including wallabies, wombats, penguins, seals, pademelons, and the iconic Tasmanian Devil. Another great part of Tasmania is the beautiful wine regions, and with over 200 wineries, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy local wine tasting.

Enjoy stunning Tasmania | Australia holiday
Take a nature cruise and discover a natural wonderland
Cliffs Tasmania | Australia holiday
Tasmania is filled with unique and special wildlife

3. Arnhemland

Arnhemland is located in the northernmost part of the Northern Territory. Nowhere else is Indigenous culture so rich and the traces of the past more visible than here. Explorer, Matthew Flinders gave the area its name when he travelled here with the Dutch ship, De Arnhem (named after the Dutch city of Arnhem).

Due to the rugged landscape, the Aboriginal people of Australia have been able to live here in peace for a long time. The area was never colonised by Europeans and was officially designated as an Aboriginal Protected Reserve in 1931. The reserve is cut off from the outside world and you need special entrance permission if you would like to visit.

Incredible Arnhemland | Australia nature
Immerse yourself in the oldest culture in the world
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Arnhemland | Australia holiday
Our local Indigenous guides love to share their special part of the world with you
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4. Tenterfield

During your trip through the area between Sydney and Brisbane, a visit to the historic town of Tenterfield should not be missed. Tenterfield is considered to be one of Australia's most important historic areas. In 1889, Sir Henry Parkes gave a famous speech there, leading to the 'Federation of All Australian States' in 1901, after which Tenterfield has come to be known as the 'Birthplace of the Australian Nation'.

Many of the historic buildings and monuments have been preserved and can be visited. The New England Highway also runs here, which until 1950 was the only road connecting Brisbane and Sydney.

Cows over road | Australia holiday
Tenterfield has come to be known as the 'Birthplace of the Australian Nation'

5. Mornington Peninsula

Approximately one hour drive from Melbourne, you will find Mornington Peninsula, a beautiful and Mediterranean-styled peninsula. The peninsula is a favourite holiday destination for the Melbournians (Melbourne locals). You will find several vineyards and olive groves here and there are more than 50 wine cellars to savour. Since good wine often goes hand in hand with good food, you can find quality local restaurants in the various nearby coastal towns.

Marvel at the colourful bathing beach boxes
Mornington Peninsula vineyard | Australia wine holiday
With over 50 wine cellars to explore, there are plenty of opportunities for wine tasting

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