Aus - sydney aerial view
Aus nsw sydney bronte
Aus nsw sydney Bronte Baths
Aus sydney harbour bridge
Aus - sydney aerial view
Aus nsw sydney bronte
Aus nsw sydney Bronte Baths
Aus sydney harbour bridge

Where to visit in Australia: Sydney

A journey to Australia is not complete without a visit to Sydney, the capital of New South Wales. With approximately 5.3 million people living in Sydney, it is Australia’s largest city. Diverse and multicultural, there are over 140 different nationalities living here. A place oozing with style, sophistication, and plenty of things to do and see.

Sydney is best known for the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, and its amazing beaches, but the city has much more to offer. From the harbour, you can view the city by boat and even combine this with whale watching. Sydney's chic neighbourhoods are also fantastic to explore. To the north of the city lies the Hunter Valley, a well-known wine region, and to the west, you will find the peaks of the Blue Mountains.

10 things to do and see in Sydney

Sydney is temperate and sunny all year
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Like to shop? Sydney is a shopper's paradise
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Experience an Indigenous welcome to Sydney

Uncover the oldest culture in the world together with Margret Campbell and her team. Margret is a prominent tribal of the Dunghutti Indigenous people and the founder of an Aboriginal-run family business. Margret offers bespoke tours based on the culture, history, and heritage of her people and ancestors. The ‘Welcome to Sydney’ tour will teach you more about the diverse traditions, their way of life, and their moving history.

Let yourself be fascinated by the lasting impressions of this ancient tradition of a "Welcome to Country'' ceremony. This was practiced thousands of years ago when an Indigenous community asked for permission to enter the traditional land of another clan. This ceremony, conducted by an Aboriginal elder, welcomes visitors to their traditional land. The ceremony can be accompanied by singing, dancing, smoking ceremonies or a speech.

Aboriginal welcome ceremony Harbour Bridge | Australia holiday
Meet Margret during a traditional ceremony
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Aboriginal welcome in front of Sydney Opera House | Australia holiday
Listen to Margret's stories and learn more about the Indigenous way of life
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Climb over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge

Experience the ultimate spine-tingling adventure on the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb. Discover the beauty of this heritage-listed steel landmark which is 134 metres above sea level. From the top of the Harbour Bridge, you will have a spectacular 360-degree panoramic view of Sydney. Climb up together with a small group and a local guide, and see all the city's iconic highlights at a glance.

The climb starts at the base below the Bradfield Highway. You will walk through the catwalks under the road to the southeastern pillar of the bridge. There, you climb one of the four ladders, to the top arch of the bridge. During the climb, you will have a view of the famous Sydney Opera House. Once you have reached the top with your group, you will cross over the bridge to the Darling Harbourside. The perfect way to see the city from another vantage point.

Do you dare to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
Capture the best views from above
Soak up some of the best views of the city

Take a tour inside the Sydney Opera House

Take a tour inside of one of the 20th century’s most distinctive and famous buildings, Sydney Opera House. During the Sydney Opera House tour, you will discover the history and magic of this extraordinary building. The tour will also take you under the world-famous sails.

Your local guide will tell you extensive stories about the building, but also about the long construction process, which is almost as dramatic as an opera house itself. You will take a look at the theatres, visit places that are not accessible to the public, and stop at a number of special vantage points.

Sydney Opera House at twilight
Marvel at the Sydney Opera House by twilight
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Enjoy the light show!
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Discover Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Spend a day discovering the northern beaches of Sydney together with a local guide. You will be picked up in the morning and taken to Northern Beaches. This area consists of 15 beaches, some of which you will visit during this tour. Enjoy the view of Manly in Tanya Park and learn more about Sydney's history, flora and fauna in North Head. In Freshwater, stop for a cup of tea and then visit one of Australia's most famous surfing clubs.

Here, you can learn all about Australia's surfing culture. The next stop is Long Reef, where you can enjoy the view of the Marine Reserve during a walk. At a local’s home, you will taste different Australian specialties over lunch. After lunch, you will start the last part of the tour, where you will also have the opportunity to go swimming.

Manly Beach is one of Australia's most famous surfing beaches
Soak up the beach vibes at Bondi
© Tourism Australia

Learn to surf at Australia’s Bondi Beach

Rip up the waves in Bondi! Bondi Beach provides the ultimate platform to experience the freedom of surfing on one of Australia’s most famous beaches. Discover the art of this magical sport together with the guidance from a local and knowledgeable guide.

The two-hour lesson will be conducted with small groups of up to five people. It is designed especially for beginners! During the lesson, you will learn the basic techniques of the sport, from paddling to standing up on the board. Let’s go!

Kids learning surfing | Australia family holiday
Start your surfing journey at Bondi Beach!
Kids learning how to surf | Australia family holiday
Learn to surf with award-winning local guides

Marvel at whales off the coast of Sydney

Get up close and personal with Humpback whales together with a local company. Every year, approximately 20,000 Humpback whales pass the coast of Sydney. Experience the excitement of whale watching during your holiday to Australia.

Departing Circular Quay, together with a small group of under 27 people. You can marvel at these majestic creatures as they reveal their torpedo-shaped bodies as they move gracefully through the ocean, breathing through their blow-hole. Truly, a spectacle of nature.

Whale watching in Kaikoura | New Zealand wildlife
The migration of whales begins in Sydney between May and November
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Be astounded by one of nature's miracles

See Sydney from a bird’s eye view

Get a glimpse of the glamour of Sydney from the air in the comfort of a seaplane. During the scenic flight, you will see Sydney’s highlights including Bondi Beach and the city's spectacular skyline. Your seaplane departs from Australia's first international airport at Rose Bay. After leaving the port you will see sandstone cliffs rising from the sea.

Your pilot will take you over the famous Bondi Beach, where you will see surfers waiting in the water for the next wave. From Bondi Beach, you will return to the port, where you will make a loop around the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Before returning to the airport, the flight takes you over luxurious houses of rich and famous people.

Discover Sydney by Seaplane | Australia active holiday
The perfect way to admire Sydney in its full glory
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Roam the city of Sydney by bike

Discover the grandness of Sydney and local gems by bike. Cycle together with a small group and a local knowledgeable guide who will tell you all about this glamorous city. You will bike through picturesque parks, vibrant neighbourhoods and along the harbour. Along the way, you will get a glimpse of Sydney’s hot spots and explore the local hangouts.

A large group of people on a bike tour in Sydney
One of the best ways to explore Sydney is by bike
Travel specialist, Judi enjoying her bike tour around Sydney
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Explore the Blue Mountains with a local guide

Be charmed by the Blue Mountains together with a local guide. Along the way, you will see the spectacular landscape and nature in this wonderful part of the world. Your journey begins with a pick-up from your accommodation, then you will head over to Featherdale Wildlife Park.

This is home to many iconic Australian animals such as wallabies, kangaroos, and koalas. After saying G’day to these local beauties, you will leave for the Blue Mountains. After a cup of tea, you will have the chance to walk a part of the National Pass. This is one of the most picturesque walks that you can do in the Blue Mountains!

Along the way, you will pass several viewpoints, steep cliffs, and waterfalls, such as Wentworth Falls. For lunch, you will be taken to the historic town of Leura. After lunch, you will head for the famous rock formation, The Three Sisters.

Kangaroos in Blue Mountains | Australia wildlife
Spot unique Aussie wildlife in the Blue Mountains
Three Sisters | Australia holiday
Stop by the iconic, Three Sisters

Go on a culinary journey in the Hunter Valley

Are you a foodie? Hunter Valley is a food and wine haven. Here, you can spend the day tasting some of Australia’s finest products. You will try local delights such as wine, cheese, chocolate, and vodka! Together with a small group, you will depart Sydney and visit Kuringai Chase National Park, where you will take a short break for a cup of coffee.

After that, your guide will take you to three different wineries in the Hunter Valley. There, you will have the opportunity to try different types of Australian red and white wines. Expand your knowledge about the wine-making process and types of wines made in the region.

You will also visit a cheese dairy, participate in chocolate tasting and stop at the only organic vodka distillery in the Southern Hemisphere. Local experts will show you around and tell you all about the vodkas, liqueurs, gins, and schnapps, enjoy!

Hunter Valley Vineyard Estate: people biking
The Hunter Valley has more than 150 wineries to discover
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