Aus blog - Things to do in Australia. 7 of the best activities
Aus blog - Things to do in Australia. 7 of the best activities

Things to do in Australia. 7 of the best activities

Australia is a country of contrasts, a place where you can do all kinds of things. With TravelEssence, you’ll get to know the country in an active and local way. You will meet locals, go on an adventure amongst nature and see places that you will remember for years to come... Are you curious about what we mean? In this blog, we will give you some more insight.

When you fly to Australia, it quickly becomes obvious that you are in a different world. The red sand of the desert hangs like a red haze in the air, creating a sunset that shows deep red, purple and yellow colours across the landscape. Then, you land close to one of the bigger cities such as Sydney or Melbourne. This is where your journey really begins.

But what will you do and which activities fit into your trip? To give you an idea of ​​the possibilities in Australia, we have listed seven unique activities for you.

Dive and explore Australia's fascinating marine animals
Go into the depths of Australia with a local guide

Hike through a nature reserve in the Blue Mountains

Put on your walking shoes because there aren’t many places in the world, you can take such beautiful walks, as the Blue Mountains. No fewer than 92 different types of eucalyptus trees grow here, which are home to many koalas. These eucalyptus trees spread a blue glow, which gives the park its name. Kangaroos also live here and if you’re lucky, you may see them jump through the rugged wilderness area.

The Blue Mountains are characterised by high cliffs, deep gorges and waterfalls. That is why you can make unique hiking trips on trails with up to a total length of 140 kilometres. You will be guided along to see all of the highlights of the park, including the Aboriginal rock formations, the famous Three Sisters at Echo Point.

Parked car in Australia
Discover the Blue Mountains with a local guide
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Marvel at the iconic Three sisters
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Cycle and see the highlights of the city

Don't feel like walking? Instead, take a bike and explore one of Australia’s vibrant cities. How about a trip through the streets of Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane … Do not worry: under the guidance of an experienced guide, all busy roads are avoided and you will cycle on narrow roads to some of the most beautiful places in the city.

In every city, you can choose from various bike tours. Would you like to see the highlights of the city? Or would you prefer to cycle to secret places and see the city through the eyes of the locals? Instead, you may prefer a private tour tailored to your needs. Everything is possible!

A large group of people on a bike tour in Sydney
Discover Sydney by bike
Bike through inspring Melbourne | Australia active holiday
Explore the Melbourne, one of the most livable cities in the world
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Discover the world's most beautiful coastal route: Great Ocean Road

Give your legs (and your head) a complete rest as you drive along the Australian South Coast on the winding Great Ocean Road. A salty sea breeze cools the car and at every turn, you are treated to a new view. From the immense rocks of the Twelve Apostles to the sun setting, which turns the landscape into a shade of light orange.

The Great Ocean Road is a coastal route of no less than 243 kilometres and is located between the towns of Warrnambool (to the west) and Torquay (to the east). The car route is one of the best routes in Australia and perhaps, the most beautiful scenic drive in the world.

Take a drive along the Great Ocean Road

Or go “off-road” at Gibb River Road

Are you ready for a real adventure? Then swap the coast for the rugged outback with a 4WD ride on the well-known Gibb River Road. This 660-kilometre road takes you through the last deserted wilderness area of ​​Australia: the Kimberley.

Between Derby and Kununurra, you will be constantly surprised by some of the most special parts of the country. On dirt roads, you will pass deep canyons, orange coloured rock formations, waterfalls and rivers. Do not forget to stop at one of the Aboriginal villages, where you can discover the native life of the Aborigines.

Gibb River-Wyndham Road | Australia holiday
Get "off the beaten" track and discover the outback
Motorcycle Gibb river road | Australia holiday
Are you ready for a real Australian adventure?

Meet Aboriginal culture in Kakadu

Aboriginal culture is also clearly visible in Kakadu National Park. For example, in Ubirr and Nourlangie, you will find rock paintings that are thousands of years old. Science confirms that human presence has existed in Kakadu for at least 25,000 years.

But that is not the only reason to visit this beautiful area. Kakadu National Park is also known for its diversity in landscapes. Well-known natural phenomena are the Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls, the billabong waterholes and the coastal plains in the north. Oh, and let's not forget about Alligator Rivers and the wetlands!

Embark on a cruise that takes you through rugged gorges while spotting dangerous saltwater crocodiles along the way. And keep a lookout for a wide variety of birds too!

Admire ancient rock paintings at Kakadu National Park

Or kayak over Katherine River (with crocodiles, snakes and birds)

True adventurers go into the wilderness for a longer time at Nitmiluk National Park. Here, you can board a kayak and paddle through rugged nature, past the home of crocodiles, snakes, and birds.

During your adventure, you’ll also get to enjoy good Aussie food! Your guide will prepare the tastiest dishes for you in a mobile kitchen, no worries. While you sit by the campfire and are served dinner, you’ll have uninterrupted views of the starry sky. Your Aussie swag is laid out by the banks of the river, where you’ll fall asleep to the sound of rippling water.

Kayak past timeless landscapes on the Katherine River
Spot crocodiles at Katherine

Board an Eco Cruise to Bruny Island

Of course, it is also possible to enjoy luxury on the water, especially during the Eco Cruise to Bruny Island.

The cruise will take you along the rugged coastline of Bruny Island, which is characterised by high cliffs. Here, a narrow gorge joins the Tasman Sea and the Southern Ocean.

Onboard are local guides, who will tell you about the special environment. While listening to their stories, you may see dolphins and seals swimming next to the boat. Once ashore, local oysters are served, and you will have time to wander to deserted beaches and try to spot rare white wallabies.

Stunning landscape | Australia nature
Tasmania has some of the cleanest air in the world
A hand taking an oyster off a natural wooden board
Savour fresh oysters at Bruny Island

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