Aus victoria campervan trevar skillicorn chilver unsplash
Aus victoria campervan trevar skillicorn chilver unsplash

A campervan trip around Australia? Yes or no?

Are you thinking about travelling around Australia in a campervan? Here are some things to consider, to help you make a decision.

You may have been dreaming about visiting Australia for many years. Have you been dreaming of meeting the locals, driving the best coastal roads and witnessing the dynamic landscape? We are Australia travel specialists and would love to help make your dream a reality but without a campervan.

We are unique and do things differently to other travel agencies. With in-depth local knowledge and experience, we know that travelling around Australia in a campervan is not the best way to see the real Australia. We want to get to know you, what your interests and wishes are, and make sure you return from your dream journey completely satisfied and more.

To experience Australia's Outback, we recommend a camper car (not a campervan)
Get off the beaten track and discover places campervans cannot reach
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Our experience with campervan trips around Australia

Close your eyes, and imagine wide open roads and big motorhomes parked in the most pristine national parks. Yes, that is the image of a campervan trip through America and Canada. But the reality in Australia is very different.

Campervans are bad for the environment

Campervans are not only less economical, older and more polluting than a new rental car but also have limited space. The kitchen, bathroom and beds are small and rather uncomfortable. We recommend a new rental car that is fuel-efficient and gets you from A to B more easily.

Local Aussie hosts with their dog in The Grampians
We recommend to stay at small-scale accommodations
Camper holiday | Australia camper holiday
Campervans offer very little space

No Freedom

It is not possible to drive all corners of Australia because a campervan is not insured for the gravel roads. You will miss out on visiting the most spectacular locations.

It is only possible to pick up and drop off your campervan in Australia’s large cities. This forces you to drive from city to city and you end up missing the best scenic routes.

Imagine being parked in a campground, admiring a stunning view. Then you look to the left and the right, and all you see are other campervans. This is the case at many campgrounds in Australia.

A four poster bed with mosquito nets
Get a good night rest and wake up to a homemade Aussie breakfast

"I worked at Milford Sound for 9 months and every day we had to turn away 50 plus campervans, due to not making a reservation and lack of space."

Vanessa, Content creator

Don’t waste your precious holiday time

Do you want to spend your days exploring? Each day, you will need to pack everything up in your campervan. The same daily routine and a waste of your holiday time! Wouldn’t you rather spend this time sailing into the sunset or swimming with dolphins?

When staying at our small-scale accommodations, you will be welcomed by friendly Aussie hospitality. Have a barbecue dinner, share a beer and get to know your local hosts. They can’t wait to share their favourite things to do in the area. Each day is unique, full of surprises.

Australian BBQ in Barossa Valley | Australia holiday
Enjoy a barbeque (or three) with your local hosts
Luxury safari tent | Australia luxury holiday
Stay at unique places, away from the mainstream

A campervan trip around Australia is not cheap

Once you add all the costs together, hiring a campervan becomes quite expensive. And, most of the time even more expensive than a trip with a rental car and small-scale accommodations. It is not only the rental price, but on top of that the insurance, one-way drop off fee, cost of a campsite each night and compared to a rental car, extra fuel costs.

It becomes difficult to experience a multi-day activity

Have you always wanted to spend a few days sailing around the Whitsunday Islands? You will need to park your campervan in a safe and secure car park for an expensive overnight rate. Make the most of your holiday and allow us to create a dream journey around Australia that you won’t forget.

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