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aus western australia beach 4wd
Aus blog aussie roadtrips gibb river road 1
Aus blog aussie roadtrips port douglas
Aus blog aussie roadtrips great ocean road 1

A guide to 10 of the best Aussie road trips

With every turn of the road, Australia’s landscape changes. A dramatic array of diverse landscapes that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The ultimate way to discover Australia is by car. And, feel at home driving on the left side of the road.

Australia features some of the best scenic drives in the world

Be amazed at every turn. Quirky small towns. Sun-tanned Outback. Rolling farmland. Rainforest. Plunging waterfalls. Vibrant coastal towns. White-sand beaches. Untamed wilderness. Remote countryside. National parks. Scenic drives with picture-perfect views make travel days just as enjoyable as your non-travelling days.

Hop in a 4WD and soak up the outdoor Aussie lifestyle in unique places

10 of the best Australian road trip destinations

1. The Great Ocean Road

Be intrigued by one of the world’s most renowned coastal scenic drives, The Great Ocean Road. A 240-kilometre stretch of road that takes you along the coast of the Indian Ocean, Victoria. Starting from the colourful surf town, Torquay, this road will lead you through ancient forests with the largest collection of eucalyptus trees in all of Australia.

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"The Great Ocean Road is one of the most spectacular scenic routes, I have ever seen."

Sylvia, Travel specialist
Great Ocean Road from a bird's eye view

2. South East Tasmania

South East Tasmania is known for its wildlife, spectacular landscapes and rich history. The region consists of three parts: the Kettering and Cygnet peninsulas, the idyllic Bruny Island and the coastline along the Huon Highway. You will find several nature parks, where you can see the famous Tasmanian Devil.

Stop and try your luck with some fly fishing

3. 75 Mile Beach Road

K'gari - Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island, stretching over 123 kilometres along the southern coast of Queensland. This rugged island features champagne pools, extensive beaches, towering pines and has over 100 freshwater lakes. It is the only place in the world where tall rainforests grow on the sand dunes.

Here, you can hop in a 4WD and drive along a sand highway, 75 Mile Beach Road. An experience of a lifetime, the highway runs the length of the island. Along the way, discover shipwrecks and wild untamed waters. And be sure to keep a lookout for dingoes and whales!

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Beach Fraser Island | Australia holiday
Hop in a 4WD and experience a 'sand' highway
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Car driving on the beach in Australia
Be enchanted by Australia's natural treasures

4. Kakadu

Immerse yourself in a wondrous world of untouched landscapes, ancient culture and a huge variety of flora and fauna. Kakadu is rich in ecological and biological diversity and is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Covering an area of over 20,000 square kilometres, this makes the untamed terrestrial area Australia’s largest national park.

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Kakadu National Park is home to more than 10,000 crocodiles

5. Gibb River Road

Experience a real outback expedition on one of Australia’s most unique 4WD routes - Gibb River Road. Get ‘off the grid’ for an Aussie adventure through the vast untouched landscapes of the Kimberly in Western Australia. A notorious trek from Derby to Kununurra, discovering the secluded wilderness, a galore of natural gorges and cattle-farms the size of a city.

The region is rich in indigenous culture, practised here for many thousands of years. Some highlights along the way are Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek, Lennard Gorge, Bell Gorge, Galvans Gorge, Manning Gorge, Drysdale River Station, Home Valley Station and El Questro Wilderness Park. A nature wonderland with endless things to do and see!

Discover more about the Kimberleys
Motorcycle Gibb river road | Australia holiday
Get "off the beaten" track and discover Gibb River Road
Gibb River-Wyndham Road | Australia holiday
The best time to travel the Gibb River Road is early in the dry season, between April and September
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6. The Blue Mountains

Be enchanted by a mystical place, the Blue Mountains. Located two hours drive, west of Sydney in New South Wales. The name was chosen because the mountains have a unique blue glow. This is due to its spectacular eucalyptus forests, a magical occurrence that happens when the sun heats the leaves. There are 92 different species of eucalyptus growing in the area.

The region also boasts quaint and charming towns, grand landscapes, forested valleys and waterfalls. Along the way, take a wander on one of the many walking trails, it’s a walker’s dream! Immerse yourself in Indigenous culture and rich history. Visit the famous Three Sisters. Or hop on the steepest passenger railway in the world. The Scenic Railway has a thrilling 52-degree incline!

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Kangaroos in Blue Mountains | Australia wildlife
Marvel at Australian wildlife in the Blue Mountains
Admire plunging waterfalls
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7. Daintree

Be captivated by an ancient and mysterious place - Daintree. A truly unique part of the world, where two natural World Heritage Sites meet - Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. Enter nature’s open-air art gallery, where you can discover an abundance of rare fauna and flora, including witchetty grubs.

Home to 30% of Australia’s frog, marsupial and reptile species and 65% of bat and butterfly species. Along the way, try to spot the elusive cassowary (a prehistoric-looking large colourful bird). And try a cup of local Daintree tea or visit the Daintree Icecream and Tropical Fruit Orchard.

Discover more about the Daintree
Road trip Australia
Explore an ancient rainforest
Happy Wallaby family | Australia wildlife
Have close encounters with unique Australian wildlife

8. Atherton Tablelands

As you drive away from the Far North Queensland coastline, you’ll find Atherton Tablelands. A place featuring rolling green hills and waterfalls. And a unique assortment of native Australian animals including kangaroos, wallabies, lizards, platypus, snakes, frogs and birds. Discover steamy warm waters at Innot Hot Springs or experience the Atherton Tablelands craft distilleries and wineries. Go on, try some Mango wine!

Beautiful Waterfall | Australia nature
Go waterfall hopping through Atherton Tablelands

9. Hunter Valley

Indulge in Australia’s oldest wine region, Hunter Valley. Take your tastebuds on an awe-inspiring journey, a real culinary escape. Located two hours drive north of Sydney, near Newcastle in New South Wales. If you’re a sommelier or wine lover, this stunning region has over 100 wineries on offer. The perfect back-drop for a road trip.

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Hunter Valley Vineyard Estate: people biking
Marvel at endless rolling vineyards in Hunter Valley
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Vineyards | Australia holiday
Stop and sleep between the vines
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10. Red Centre

Be captured by one of nature’s greatest spectacles - Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olga’s). Located in the Red Centre, 470 kilometres west of Alice Springs, this place is oozing with a powerful spiritual presence. Uluru is sacred to the Pitjantjatjara Anangu (the Aboriginal people of the area) and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Discover more about Uluru-Kata National Park
Explore Australia's Outback in a 4WD
Experience Red Center | Australia holiday
Go deep into the depths of Australia

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