Aus wa Roebuck Bay Broome
aus broome coastline scenic flight
Aus wa Roebuck Bay Broome
Au broome kimberleys barramundi lunch friends see and do active
Aus wa Roebuck Bay Broome
aus broome coastline scenic flight
Aus wa Roebuck Bay Broome
Au broome kimberleys barramundi lunch friends see and do active
Where the ocean meets the outback


Unravel the natural beauty of Broome, an enchanting destination with the perfect blend of tropical laid-back vibes and colours of the outback. Located 1681 kilometres north of Perth, the town was initially founded by pearl fishermen and is now a melting pot of multiculturalism. Spot rare snubfin dolphins, ride a camel along the glossy white sand, go fishing, sample the local cuisine and much more.

Where should you visit in Broome?

Be enchanted by Willie Creek
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Aerial view of Roebuck Bay in Broome
Discover the colours of Roebuck Bay
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Broome attractions

A place like nowhere else in the world, this exotic pearling town is bursting with quirky and exciting things to see and do. Discover 22 kilometres of pearly white sand on Cable Beach, take a scenic flight over Horizontal Falls, or visit Town Beach. Discover the colours at Gantheaume Point and even witness the largest dinosaur footprints in the world.

Where the world's last great wilderness meets the Indian Ocean

Absorb some local history at the Broome Historical Museum, watch a golden sunset on Cable Beach, meet some locals at the Broome Markets or say G'day to crocodiles at the Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Park. Feeling active? Take a stroll from Cable Beach to Gantheaume Point and back again (five-kilometre one way and ten-kilometre return).

From the colours of Gantheaume Point to Dinosaur footprints

Be dazzled by the vivid colours of Gantheaume Point and discover dinosaur footprints that are estimated to be 125 million years old. Located just five minutes from Broome, the footprints are only visible at low tide. At Gantheaume Point, you can also find a natural spa pool that offers a slice of history, Anastasia's pool.

Take a scenic flight over Gantheaume Point
Discover Rowley Shoals Marine Park near Broome
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The pearling industry

Renowned for its pearling industry, Broome was founded as a pearling port in the 1880s. Learn about Broome's fascinating pearling industry, try on the perfect white orbs of cultured Broome pearls or hold one plucked fresh from the sea. Go on a guided tour, follow the self-guided Jetty to Jetty Walk, visit a pearl farm or stop by the sparkling jewellery showrooms in Chinatown.

Discover the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm
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Cable Beach

Broome's world-famous Cable Beach is located just three kilometres from Broome and can be reached by bus, taxi or on foot. The best time to visit is between May and September with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. Conquer the glossy white sand on a camel ride at sunset, relax under an umbrella or get adventurous with a range of water sports.

Staircase to the Moon

Be astounded by a natural phenomenon that occurs every two to three days during certain months at Roebuck Bay and Cable Beach. During the full moon, the high tidal waves of the beach form an illusion that looks like a staircase leading to the moon. Attracting people from all over the world, you can experience the Staircase to the Moon between March and October at sunset.

Turquoise blue water and white sand of Cable Beach
Be astounded by the glossy white sand of Cable Beach
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Take a 4WD along Cable Beach
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Ride a camel and watch the sunset over Cable Beach

Watching a sunset over the Indian Ocean at Cable Beach is a must-do when you are visiting this part of Western Australia. As the sun sinks into the horizon, marvel at the shades of orange, pink and purple. The transition from day to night is truly a magical show and by camel makes it even more special. Or if you prefer, it is also possible to watch the sunset on a scenic boat trip!

A camel ride at sunset on Cable Beach is a must-do!
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A group of people riding camels at Broome beach
Cable Beach is a pure gem

Roebuck Bay

One of Broome's most beautiful natural attractions, Roebuck Bay is bursting with spectacular colours with some of the best marine-rich waters in Australia. Roebuck Bay features an incredible amount of diverse marine and plant life including the Australian snubfin dolphin. It is also Australia's newest marine park, Roebuck Bay Marine Park.

Known by the local Yawuru people as Yawuru Nagulagun, this part of Broome is an important cultural place. It is used for fishing, hunting and gathering sea foods and with important meeting places along the shoreline. Join a cultural tour to learn more about the heritage and way of life.

Roebuck Bay was named after the HMS Roebuck, a ship that was used by explorer William Dampier when the crew visited the bay in 1840. Today, you can admire hundreds of birds, turtles, cheeky dolphins, a horizon of mud flats at low tide and the Stairway to Heaven (during the cooler months).

Roebuck Bay, where the red dirt meets the sea
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Explore Roebuck Bay with a local guide
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Cape Leveque

Uncover one of the world’s most remote places, Cape Leveque. Where golden red-rock cliffs meet the white sand and turquoise ocean, a treasure found in the Kimberleys. Located at the tip of the Dampier Peninsula, go on a 4WD adventure down a red dirt road and discover this Aussie gem.

Rich in Indigenous culture, dating back over 7,000 years. You can visit local Aboriginal communities along the way and learn more about their traditional way of life and custodians. Learn traditional fishing and find out how they sourced bush tucker (food) too!

Located approximately two and a half hours north of Broome, Cape Leveque is renowned for world-class fishing. Mackerel, tuna, cobia and sailfish are all found in these waters. Go snorkelling and admire colourful fish or try your luck at some mud crabbing.

Blue sea and brown rock in Western Australia
Take a day tour to Cape Leveque
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A man practising traditional fishing techniques in Australia
Learn about traditional fishing techniques at Cape Leveque
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Broome is the gateway to the Kimberleys, a place bursting with fresh swimming holes, outback stations, wide rivers and ancient rock formations. Discover gorges that have eroded over millions of years. One of the world's last wilderness frontiers, The Kimberley is spread across Australia's entire north-western corner.

An abundance of wildlife and natural beauty to be discovered

Visit highlights such as Windjana Gorge National Park, Tunnel Creek National Park, Mitchell Falls, the Bungle Bungles and the King Leopold Ranges. Here, you can also find Boabs, a tree species with a gigantic thick trunk that can live to be more than 2000-years-old. A unique part of this region.

Hike to King George Falls | Australia active holiday
Broome is the gateway to the Kimberleys
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Take a cruise along the Ord River
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Horizontal Falls

Experience an extraordinary ocean phenomenon that you can only see in the Kimberley. Known by locals as the 'Horries,' the Indigenous people of the area called these waters, Garaanngaddim. Horizontal Falls is located approximately 25 kilometres from Broome in the Buccaneer Archipelago.

Described as one of the greatest wonders of the natural world

Horizontal Falls has some of the highest tides in the world. As the tide drifts back and forth, a huge volume of water is forced through two narrow cliff passages. This creates a unique waterfall effect due to the variation in the ocean level of up to four metres.

Experience Horizontal Falls by seaplane

You will be picked up from your accommodation in Broome and will fly to the Horizontal Falls in a small seaplane. After landing, board a jet boat for a ride through the middle of this extraordinary water formation. Afterwards, you can take a relaxing boat trip through the bays and waterways of the region. On the way there is the possibility to feed the fish and if you want you can also swim with them.

Soak up the scenery at Horizontal Falls on a speed boat
Admire Talbot Bay at Horizontal Falls
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Where to stay?

Make your trip extra special by experiencing a unique stay from our large collection of hand-selected accommodations located in Broome and beyond. Your travel specialist will match you up with accommodation that suits your wants and needs. Whether you prefer a luxury resort by the beach or getting off the grid and experiencing glamping. A journey where your accommodation is an experience in itself.

Enjoy an authentic Australian experience
Get together around campfire in Broome | Australia holiday
Spend the night by the campfire, telling stories under the stars

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