Aus wa Quobba Station north of Carnarvon
Aus Eyre Peninsula Coffin bay
Aus qld brisbane tangalooma wreck moreton island
Aus wa Lake Magic at Wave Rock Resort Hyden
Aus wa Quobba Station north of Carnarvon
Aus Eyre Peninsula Coffin bay
Aus qld brisbane tangalooma wreck moreton island
Aus wa Lake Magic at Wave Rock Resort Hyden

Fun things to know before travelling to Australia

Australia cannot wait to welcome you!

The feeling of excitement after you have booked a big trip is not to be missed. It is a large part of the journey, waiting and wondering in anticipation. Telling everyone that you know! Learning more about each place you are going to visit before you go. Deciding what to pack. Having plenty of time to pre-arrange passports and visas. Perhaps, buying yourself the perfect travel bag? And of course, really enjoying those pre-travel butterflies in the belly!

Here are some things to know before you embark on your dream journey to Australia.

G'day mate
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Aussie lingo

Before you embark on your journey, it is nice to get more familiar with the Australian language. Yes, Aussies speak English but they have many interesting and quirky ways of saying things. Here is an example of how Australians measure distance!

  • Next door = 1 -2 minutes
  • Right up the road = 5-10 minutes
  • A couple of miles = 10-20 minutes
  • Not too far = 20-50 minutes
  • A little ways = over an hour
  • A pretty good drive = 2 hours +
An local Australian guide kissing a kangaroo
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Australian movies to watch before you travel

While you are counting down the days till you leave for your holiday, what better way to get to know the country than watch a few of the best Australian movies! Australia is relatively new to the film industry but they have still established a force to be reckoned with. A proud film nation, there are plenty of movies to watch and keep you occupied till you leave for your big trip.

Take a journey through Australia's diverse landscapes by watching Aussie movies
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A couple dining out in Queensland with a beautiful white sandy beach in the background
Are you ready to embark on an adventure- Aussie style?
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Quirky facts about Australia

With an area of 7.692 square million kilometres, Australia is filled with many weird and wonderful things. From pink lakes and underground towns to thousands of eerie limestone pillars that are up to four metres tall, there are many fascinating things to discover. Are you ready to uncover the quirky side of Australia?

The Great Barrier Reef Drive stretches 140 kilometres
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Do you know why some of Australia's lakes are pink?
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Free things to do in Australia

Your trip may be already planned and booked but there are also many free activities that you can get excited about before you leave for Australia. With over 10,000 beautiful beaches, thousands of national parks, unique wildlife encounters, vibrant neighbourhoods, and museums, there is so much to do and see in Australia - that costs absolutely nothing at all!

At certain times of the year, you can spot whales in the Pacific and Indian Ocean
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Keep an eye out for koalas sleeping in Eucalyptus trees
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Australian cuisine

What better way to get to know Australia before you leave than to learn more about the local cuisine. Due to the melting pot of cultures, Australian food is a modern blend of culinary contributions from all over the world. And of course, there are plenty of strange things to sample! Would you try a crocodile burger? Or kangaroo steak? How about beetroot and pineapple on a burger?

Do you enjoy cooking?

Here are 5 classic recipes to try before you travel to Australia.

1. Lamingtons - Known as the 'National cake of Australia' this sweet treat can be found in bakeries across the country.

2. Pavlova - If you are visiting Australian friends for Christmas, you can always expect this classic to be served!

3. Chicken Parmigiana - A meal that you will see at most Aussie pubs, this dish is a local's favourite.

4. Damper - Also known as bush bread, this delight has been made by Indigenous Australians for many thousands of years.

5. Anzac biscuits - A part of Australian history, these yummy treats have been long associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, established in World War I.

Get ready for a burger, Aussie-style!
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Just like a local - Savour fresh fish and chips by the beach
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Tips for driving in Australia

Indigenous Australian spear fishing in Western Australia
Would you like to learn how to fish in a traditional way?
Beach in Western Australia | Australia holiday
Have you ever driven on a sand highway?

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