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Swim with dolphins in Kaikoura

Be entertained by playful and acrobatic dolphins in Kaikoura. A bucket list activity for most families and an experience your children won’t forget anytime soon! Kaikoura is well-known for its mountainous scenery and rugged coastal landscapes

In the ocean, when the northern and southern sea currents come together, it provides nutrient-rich water and a 1,200-metre deep submarine canyon. As a result, Kaikoura is home to an abundance of marine life. Not only dolphins but also whales, seals, sea lions and albatrosses can be seen.

For the adventure seekers, you’ll have the chance to jump off the boat and swim with the curious dolphins. Or if you prefer, you can watch from the boat - it’s up to you. This operator is passionate about the environment and established the Encounter Foundation in 2009.

They donate a portion of each customer’s fare to projects that result in improving the health of the natural environment through conservation, education and research. The dolphin encounter is three and a half hours in total. Children 8 years and over are permitted to swim with the dolphins and children 3 years and over can watch from the boat.

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