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aus couples beach fire 4wd sunset
Aus tasmania Flinders Island farmland

Take a digital detox in Australia and New Zealand

Technology plays a huge role in our lives and today we spend more time on a screen than ever before. Whether it's a smartphone, computer, television, or video game console, it is considered unhealthy to spend more than two hours per day on a screen (outside work time).

Screen time has been reported to be associated with a range of negative mental health outcomes. These range from psychological problems to low emotional stability, and a greater risk for depression or anxiety. It can also cause side effects such as computer vision syndrome (also called digital eye strain).

People working in an office with laptops and phones
Too much screen time is reported to be having an impact on our health

Our children are also affected

Unfortunately, children are not exempt from an overwhelming amount of screen time. Reports suggest that teens in the US are spending on average 9 hours a day on a screen and children ages 8 - 12 spend up to 4 - 6 hours per day. Children are more exposed to cyber bullies and predators, violence and risk-taking behaviours, negative stereotypes and more.

While screen time can be beneficial for learning and entertainment, it can also lead to a lot of problems. In children, too much screen time can cause weight problems, sleep problems, lower grades at school, limited outdoor or physical activity and more.

Are you overloaded with too much screen time?
Recent reports suggest, the average person spends 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone each day
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Embark on a trip that will change your life

Whether you feel like you need a break or if you are becoming concerned that your children are becoming ‘screen addicts’, it may be time to embark on a digital detox. With untouched nature, gorgeous beaches, unique wildlife and in many places a lack of WiFi (or absolutely none at all), Australia and New Zealand are the perfect destinations to visit.

The benefits of less screen time

The effects of a digital detox include an improvement in health and well-being, social relationships, self-control, and performance. Turn off your phone, close your laptop and immerse yourself in nature. Here are the best eight destinations to visit for a digital detox.

Discover out of the ordinary places
© Tourism Australia
Swim in natural swimming pools

1. Milford Sound

With no shortage of astonishing nature, fresh air, friendly locals and a large collection of outdoor activities, Milford Sound is an outdoor wonderland. Nestled between 1.2 million hectares, UNESCO World Heritage Listed, Fiordland National Park, there is plenty to do to keep you wondering what’s happening on social media!

The unforgettable journey to get there

From Te Anau to Milford Sound along Milford Road is one of the most beautiful drives in the world. With so many highlights and hidden gems along the way, you could take this drive over and over again and still find something new. There are so many places to stop and admire the natural beauty. With an array of incredible walks and views, you could spend all day on this road to Milford Sound.

Driving along Milford Road is simply breathtaking
Stop and admire the collection of lupines during spring
© Hans Wijker
A suspension bridge over a river surrounded by green forest
The Milford Track is one of New Zealand's Great Walks

The final stop

Milford Sound is truly one-of-kind, while many tourists make a day trip here after 5 pm, you will feel like you have the whole place for yourself. Have a close encounter with the only alpine parrot in the world. Wake up early and join a sunset kayak over the fiords. Watch dolphins dance past you as you marvel at the plunging waterfalls. The possibilities are endless!

DO forget to pack your laptop and phone!

Starting from the friendly town Te Anau, to Milford Sound along Milford Road, there is absolutely no WiFi. As for mobile coverage, it is very limited along Milford Road with no reception in Milford Sound. This makes this spectacular place the ultimate destination for a digital detox.

Evening view of two chalets on the banks of a river surrounded by mountain
Enjoy river and mountain views from your doorstep
A man with a hat, black t-shirt and backpack standing on a rock overlooking a valley
Revel in the wonder of Fiordland National Park

2. Daintree

As soon as you cross the ferry and enter a canopy of the rainforest, you will feel off the grid. The Daintree Rainforest is a 1200 square kilometre wonderland and is one of the best biologically diverse rainforests in the world. Home to an abundance of rare and unique flora and fauna, it is also the world's oldest rainforest. Estimated to be about 180 million years old, there is so much to discover in this incredible part of Australia.

An unforgettable rainforest experience

There is an exclusive assortment of rainforest retreats found here, which are perfect for a digital detox. It’s an ideal setting for absorbing nature, relaxing and reconnecting with yourself and your loved ones. Most accommodations are without WiFi and phone reception is patchy for most providers. There is only one accommodation in Cape Tribulation that provides free WiFi.

Beach Daintree | Australia holiday
Get lost in a natural wonderland
Stay in accommodation that allows you to connect with nature

3. Tasmania

With a size of 68,491 square kilometres, Tasmania is nature's open-air playground. Here you can discover 19 national parks, 1617 beaches, and 334 islands, all wrapped in the world's cleanest air. Be enchanted by glistening lakes, rainforests, fruitful vines, and some of the world's best hiking trails.

The perfect getaway in the heart of nature

Discover the seclusion of Tasmania at Freycinet National Park. Stay at a luxury lodge, the perfect base to explore this natural wonderland. Your cabin is nestled between the Australian bush, blending in with nature, near the coastline. Spend your days going for bushwalks, walking along the white sandy beaches, saying G'day to wildlife or going kayaking.

Two people walking on a beach in Tasmania
Feel like you have the whole of Tasmania to yourself
© Stu Gibson
Spot unique wildlife such as Tasmanian devils!
© TravelEssence

4. Doubtful Sound

Connect with nature in Doubtful Sound, during a luxurious overnight cruise. Explore the hidden waterways, and secluded islands and spot the variety of wildlife. Even more remote than Milford Sound, you will feel far away from the world in an absolute natural paradise. At 421 metres and 40 kilometres long, Doubtful Sound is the deepest and second largest of New Zealand’s fjords.

There is no phone reception or WiFi in this remote corner of Fiordland

Departing from Manapouri, you will cruise across Lake Manapouri to West Arm. From here, you will drive to Deep Cove. Jump on board the Fiordland Navigator and cruise through the waters of Fiordland National Park, soaking up the stunning scenery. Your skipper will drop anchor in a secluded bay. Explore the shoreline by kayak or tender boat. Mingle with other guests over a glass of wine and local ingredients.

Spot the cheeky kea!
Kayak the waters of Doubtful Sound and spot wildlife
Indulge in an array of outdoor adventures!
Aus Waterlilies in Kakadu Darwin NT

Are you ready for a digital detox?

Contact us today to start planning your dream journey. It's time to discover some of the most beautiful and untouched places in the world.

Contact us for more information

5. Seventeen Seventy

Located within the Gladstone region is Seventeen Seventy, an ideal location for your next digital detox. It’s a tiny chilled-out coastal town, where the surf meets the reef. Seventeen Seventy sits on the tip of a peninsula along Queensland's coastline and is surrounded by estuaries, national parks and coastal rainforests. With a lack of phone reception for many Australian mobile providers, it’s the perfect spot to leave your screens behind.

Enjoy an assortment of outdoor activities

Take a swim at the patrolled beaches, the most northerly surf beaches on the East Coast of Australia. Or, take a stroll around the headlands and experience incredible views of the Pacific Ocean. Try out a local favourite, the Paperbark Forest walk! The mesmerising Great Barrier Reef and Lady Musgrave Island are also close by!

Absorb the panoramic ocean views

Capture the purity of Queensland’s coastal life at a luxurious house overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Nicely nestled in the middle of the bush and just walking distance to the beach, close to Agnes Water, this ecological estate is built on 625 hectares of which 97.5% remains untouched. The property aims to become the best ecological and sustainable enterprise in Australia. Don’t forget to say G’day to the local kangaroos during your stay!

The Pacific Ocean at your doorstep
Living area in a family holiday house
The perfect place to spend quality time with loved ones

6. The Outback, NT

Discover red sand deserts, tropical rainforests, impressive rock formations, deep ravines, and waterfalls in the Red Centre of Australia. An astounding place that features the oldest living culture on the planet, unique wildlife, Uluru, unforgettable sunsets and a galore of outdoor activities.

Feel like an adventure?

Get off the beaten track and uncover the secrets of the Outback. Embark on a five-day camping trip with no set itinerary, and no rushing around. Travel together with a small group of international travellers and discover places such as Uluru/Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, and the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Travel deep into the depths of Australia

Visit the lesser-known sites as well, such as Trephina Gorge, Owen Springs, Ruby Gap and the East MacDonnell Ranges. With the stars and stories by the campfire as your nightly entertainment, it is the ultimate way to leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Get off the grid, together with a local Aussie guide
Explore the Outback through the eyes of the locals

7. Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a dreamy laid-back place where the locals are extra friendly, the beaches are empty and cassowaries roam free. Being the closest point to the remarkable Great Barrier Reef, there is an abundance of outdoor activities here to keep you busy.

Reconnect with the nature

Go snorkelling or diving and be sure to visit Dunk Island. Take a bike ride and discover all the corners of this vibrant beach community or simply relax under the shade of a palm tree. For a fairytale experience, take a short drive to the enchanting Paronella Park. Here, you will forget that the internet even existed!

Kayak and absorb the tranquil surroundings
Mission Beach | Australia holiday
Explore wide-streched empty beaches

Soak up the laid-back beach lifestyle

Somewhere between North Mission Beach and Wongaling Beach, you'll find a lodge nestled in nature. A Queenslander-style house built on poles, oozing with tropical tranquillity. Say G’day to Charlie and Cassie, the resident cassowaries living on the property. Known for being posers, these fascinating creatures won’t mind if you take a photo or two of them!

The perfect place to unwind and relax

This award-winning accommodation is situated on 2.5 acres of vibrant gardens, tall palms and pristine rainforest. Cool off in the swimming pool or chill out in the cosy outdoor areas. There is a guest lounge to relax and there is also an Aussie-style barbecue. Spend your days here taking it easy and soaking up life by the beach.

Enjoy the sounds of nature

8. Arnhem Land

Get better acquainted with the oldest living culture on earth in Arnhem Land. A place where Aboriginal culture is more alive than anywhere else in Australia. Located in the northern part of the Northern Territory, with an area of 97,000 square kilometres. This special part of Australia is a reserve that is closed off to the outside world. If you would like to visit, you will need to purchase entry tickets.

Like nowhere else in the world

A place that is rich with culture and is still owned and managed by its traditional custodians - the Amurdak people whose rooted history of the area dates back to 50,000 years. Be charmed by Indigenous rock art, cruise down idyllic billabongs, and explore wetlands and tropical rainforests. Mount Borradaile is an Indigenous registered sacred site in a remote area that is 700 square kilometres.

Have the feeling you are in the middle of nowhere

Be allured by a timeless landscape during your stay in Arnhemland at an eco-lodge in a cosy cabin. This award-winning eco-accommodation is the perfect way to get off the grid and experience the essence of nature. Spend your day bird watching or laying by the pool under the Northern Territory sun. Unwind on your deck and soak up the vast and primitive environment.

Arnhemland | Australia holiday
Learn more about Indigenous culture
© TravelEssence
Spot wonderful wildlife

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